5 Daily Tips To Help You Fight Acne

1. Skin care

Are you too tired and don’t want to take off your makeup? Just forget about it. You can’t do anything worse to your skin. However, it is not enough to just take off your make-up, you also need to clean your skin properly. Find suitable products that will suit your skin, you can also consult an expert in this regard. In addition to make-up remover, it is important to use micellar (cleansing) water, cleansing gel and finally tonic. It is also necessary to use a suitable moisturizing cream, because cleansed skin also needs to be sufficiently nourished.

2. Towel

Make sure you always have a clean towel. Wiping your face with the same towel as your hands is not a good idea at all. Therefore, towel regularly and less often. In addition, it is important to change the pillowcase often. It is a very grateful refuge for various microorganisms, of course also sweat, dead skin cells and other impurities, which are often the cause of many skin problems.

3. Mask

Acne problems are increasingly becoming associated with face masks. This is a similar situation as with the towel, but with one difference. You spend hours a day in a mask, which can cause acne, especially in the area of ​​the nose, cheeks and chin. Don’t forget that the layer of make-up under the mask clogs the pores even more, so reduce the mask regularly. In addition, it is good to clean your skin several times during the day. For example, rose water can be suitable, which removes impurities from the skin and at the same time provides it with the necessary hydration.

4. Diet

This point may sound like a cliché, but lifestyle is closely related to the quality of our skin, so we shouldn’t take it lightly either. Track which foods are not good for your skin. It is, of course, individual for everyone, it can be dairy products, gluten, or sweets.

If you gradually change your diet and start eating more quality foods, the results will not take long to come. Your body will begin to get rid of harmful substances and your skin will improve significantly. Teas are also a good solution for deep cleansing of the body. There are specially mixed herbal teas, but even ordinary nettle will suffice , which is a complete miracle for the body’s detox.

5. Makeup brushes

When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? The tool used every day also contains an enormous amount of bacteria, dead skin cells or sebum. In addition to make-up, you will also bring to your face unwanted contents found in brushes. It then clogs your pores and creates a breeding ground for breakouts. This is a good enough reason to finally start cleaning your brushes regularly.

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