All Those Myths About The Use Of The Hair Straightener That You Should “Burn”

“You have very frizzy hair,” “Since you use the iron, your hair has lost shine,” “You are going to burn your hair,” and a long, etc. Keep reading! If you are tired of hearing that ironing your hair is not good, in this article, we will tell you the myths about the hair iron that you should “burn” as soon as possible.

Before dismantling the myths of hair straighteners, why do we use them?

Before we dive into dismantling those myths about the hair straightener that have always haunted us, we will explain its use and how they work. Indeed, you have used this tool on occasion if you have unruly, wavy, or curly hair or have wanted to enjoy smooth hair. On the other hand, if you have straight hair and like to show off some surf waves, you will also have an excellent relationship with the hair straightener. All right, but how does the iron do this? By applying heat, we deform and break the bonds that our hair naturally presents. For this, the hair straighteners have hot plates that come together in a straightforward motion, applying this heat to the strands and bringing your hair to life in a whole new shape.

Time to use the iron! Take note and improve your technique

To start, divide your hair very well into strands

It may seem obvious, but it is imperative that to avoid going through the same place several times, you have your hair well divided into sections. In this way, you will also prevent the hair from tangling and creating messes or leaving areas without ironing.

In the softness is the taste

It has happened to all of us: it is a common mistake when we iron our hair. We try to press the iron or pull with more force, thinking we will obtain a better result. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we are doing is damaging the hair considerably and making the scalp suffer. This causes the root of the hair to weaken and can cause your hair to fall out or lose flexibility.

For each lock, only once

When we are already at work and want to obtain a spectacular result, another common mistake is passing the hair straighteners through each strand quickly several times, making the hair structure suffer unnecessarily. It is infinitely better to do a single pass, slowly and smoothly, than four or five in the same area.

Be careful with the temperature of the plates!

Are you one of those who use the hair straightener with the maximum temperature? Ok, well, we bring you a tip that your hair will be forever grateful for; stop doing it. Not by setting the hair straightener at a higher temperature will you get a better result. Of course, your hair is going to dry out and damage much more! Further, it is damaging your hair! The ideal is to use the iron at a temperature between 180 and 200 degrees to achieve, to spare, the result you are looking for.

Now, yes, let’s break those myths about hair straighteners

The iron burns the hair

This, said like this, this is not entirely true. As with everything in life, the use of the hair straightener should not be abused. The iron will only burn your hair if you abuse its use (2/3 times a week is ideal). In addition, it is advisable to apply a product that protects your hair from heat and prevents the temperature from exceeding 190 degrees. Of course, you must bear in mind that if your hair has a dye ( here we tell you how to choose the right one), permanent or straightened, it will be more sensitive, and the temperature should not exceed 130 degrees.

Ouch! Passing the iron is very easy to get burned

Once again, we have the technology to thank. You may have suffered a minor accident in one of your beauty sessions at home, but the new models of hair straighteners are designed so that you do not get burned or suffer any injury while you iron your hair. The new materials used to make hair straighteners help to distribute the heat evenly.

Say goodbye to the shine in your hair

You have heard several times that ironing is synonymous with making your hair look duller. However, we all like to see how our hair shines after ironing. To keep the root of the hair hydrated, in addition to not overdoing the iron, we recommend using products that hydrate your hair and keep it shiny.

Now that you know that the myths about the hair straightener are just that …

In short, keeping your hair hydrated and showing off beautiful straight or wavy hair is perfectly possible. Choose quality straighteners and select those products that best suit your hair… and voilà! You already have everything you need to pamper your hair as it deserves.

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