Are You A Curly Girl? With These Simple Steps, You Will Love Your Curly Hair

Do you have curly hair and it does not allow you to grow it long because it becomes too frizzy and bulky? Worry no more, with the “curly hair method” you will be able to enjoy your hair like never before. You can comb it and go out with a striking and very careful look.

What is the Curly Hair method?

Whether it is girls or boys, the owners of  beautiful and wild curly hair  usually have a very special love/hate relationship with it  .

Something that will soon be history, thanks to the  unstoppable success  of the so-called Curly Girl Method. a specific care protocol for curly hair that promises beautiful curls with volume. This method or guide is based on hydration and respecting the natural appearance of the hair. The keys? A care routine based on spacing out the washes and nourishing the hair with specific products that avoid ingredients such as silicone, waxes, sulfates, or mineral oils.

Basically, it is about  6 steps  in which it is advised what type of ingredients should have the hygiene and hair care products, how to dry it, comb it and care for it so that the curls recover and maintain their beauty, definition, and optimal hydration.

How does the Curly Girl method work?

Starting from a common basis: curly hair is by nature drier and more dehydrated than straight hair, so you need non-aggressive products suitable for the curly girl method without ingredients such as silicones, mineral oils, waxes… Let’s see.

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6 steps to get the Curly Girl method

1. How to start the Curly Girl method? Final Wash

Eliminate silicones and other unsuitable products that the passage of time has accumulated in your hair fiber using a  shampoo WITH sulfates and WITHOUT silicones  among its ingredients. One, two, three times… As many as necessary.

2 How to wash your hair? Everyday washes

It is almost the  most important step. It must be done with shampoos always without silicones and without sulfates. There are  3 types of washing  depending on your hair type and the frequency of washing:

3. Conditioner or mask

From medium to ends. The more compact and less porous curls will be favored in this step if  during the time in which the mask acts  (about 15 m)  you give some heat to the hair by  covering it with a shower cap. Rinse very well afterward.

4. Drying

Without dragging or squeezing, wrapping the hair in a soft and absorbent fabric, perfect a disused T-shirt or a microfiber towel. Apply the styling product you want, and go  shaping the curls  with the  Scrunching technique, that is, wrinkling them with your hands from ends to roots. No brushes! If there are a lot of knots, undo them with your fingers.

5. Finish air drying

Without heat, so that it does not frizz, or with a  dryer  with a  diffuser  and in  cold air mode. If  once dry you notice  that the  roots  have been left with a  wet effect  and the hair “hard”, the so-called cast effect, you can undo it with your hands on which you will have spread a few drops of hair oil. Or with a cotton fabric, and the scrunching movement that you already know.

6. Maintain and refresh your curl

Sleeping with hair tied over his head, like pineapple, or a nightcap satin, which prevents frizz the next morning. During the day, whenever necessary, wet the hair with water or some styling product and refresh the shape of the curls with the movement called praying hands, that is, passing strands between your hands in a prayer position.

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