Make-up Tip: Full Lips In 5 Easy Steps

Sometimes the right make-up technique is enough for a seductive kiss. We’ll show you simple tricks on how to conjure up sensual lips.

Full and healthy lips – who doesn’t want them? They are a symbol of sensuality and give the face contour and expressiveness. There are various products that can be used, but the right make-up technique also conjures up a seductive kissable mouth. With these 5 steps, you can easily conjure up full lips.

Full Lips with these Make-up Tips

First things first: For beautiful lips not only the right make-up is enough, but also targeted care. The most important thing is to take care of the inside. So drink a lot in order to keep the moisture balance in order and thus ensure beautiful skin. Then it works with the sexy lips.

Peelings Ensure the Right Care

A prerequisite for full and well-formed lips is a well-groomed and supple condition of the lip skin. Excess skin not only looks unsightly, but it is also uncomfortable. Lip scrubs can help. Enriched with jojoba oil and peppermint, they make the lips supple again.

Step 1: More volume with “Plumping” Products

There are special lipsticks that make the lips look nice and plump, so-called plumpers. Plump comes from English and means plump. Ingredients such as ginger mint, Ginko, or chili should give our lips more volume immediately.

Step 2: Optical Tricks with Highlighter and Concealer

Not only the lips themselves, but the entire mouth area can be optically enlarged with small tricks. Places that are well suited for this are the heart of the lips and the lower lip.

A highlighter is used for the lip heart to highlight this area. To do this, dab a little shimmer on and around the heart of the lips.

The lower lip can also be emphasized by using contour powder. With a small shadow placed in the middle below the lip, it appears a bit larger. Make sure the shadow is touched up well and blurs with the rest of the face makeup.

Step 3: Insert Lip Liner Correctly

With lip liners, you can visually enlarge the lips by drawing them a little over the edge. Products that roughly match your lip color are suitable for this. Please do not overdo it and powder the paint well so that nothing smears.

The lip liner is attached to the heart of the lip and then pulled to the corners of the mouth. If you open your lips a little bit, the line can be set accurately. At the corners of the mouth, you shouldn’t go beyond the edge of the lips, otherwise, the look looks unnatural.

Step 4: The Matching Lipstick

You should match the color of the lipstick to the lip liner in order to avoid unsightly irregularities. Matte lipsticks are particularly suitable for optical enlargement. Dark tones also accentuate the lips and create a seductive look.

Step 5: Lip Gloss

It looks different with the gloss. In order to get visually fuller lips, you should definitely get a lip gloss in a light color.

Gloss in combination with a light color makes the lips appear visually larger. Dark lip gloss makes them appear smaller. A light gloss is ideal for giving your lip make-up the perfect finish. After you have applied your lipstick, put some gloss on the center of your lips. This trick ensures that the lips look well-groomed and plump.

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