How To Have Thicker Lips

There is no doubt that the face is the first part of the body that people look at. Especially when speaking, one of the areas that most attracts the attention of our face is the lips. With this in mind, it is not surprising that to always get the best out of yourself, you want your lips to be always smooth, juicy, and full of life. But not everyone is graceful with thick lips like those of Kylie Jenner, and time does not help the natural volume of our lips stay plump either. So how do you have thicker lips? There are many ways: from natural products, exercises, healthy habits, makeup tips, and even the best treatments that will help you increase your volume effectively. Keep reading to know them all.

Natural Products To Have Thicker Lips

The first option to have thicker lips is to use natural products and ingredients that allow you to give your lip the desired volume without having to resort to surgery. Below we turn to some of the best:

Brown Sugar Scrub

One of the must-have tricks for ideal, voluminous lips is to exfoliate once a week to remove all dead skin and make sure your lips regenerate their cells. This will allow you to wear a lip that is always soft and with more volume since the cracks and detached skins make your lips appear thinner than they really are. To make the best homemade lip scrubAdd two tablespoons of brown sugar in a glass, pour a tablespoon of honey and another of olive oil and stir everything perfectly until there is a homogeneous paste. With one finger, apply the mixture with your index finger in gentle circular motions on the upper and lower lip. You can leave the mixture for a minute to improve its effectiveness. Thoroughly wash the area with water to remove the scrub.

Mint And Peppermint

Another great trick that nature leaves us is that of two aromatic herbs with truly unique properties. As blood circulation boosters, creating a natural peppermint or peppermint balm is a great option for thicker lips. For really ideal results, mix a few drops of peppermint essential oil with a teaspoon of petroleum jelly. Apply the result to the lipstick every morning and enjoy the results.

Cinnamon And Coconut Oil

The last of the ingredients on this list is cinnamon, which can increase lip volume when applied. To get the desired effect, mix half a teaspoon of cinnamon with one teaspoon of coconut oil and apply it gently.

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Exercises To Have Thicker Lips

But not everything is the application of products to have thicker lips. There are other ways to highlight the volume of your lipstick. Keep reading to meet them.

Brush Lips

Another way to remove dead skin and prevent cracking is to exfoliate dry. This is possible with a simple toothbrush. Before applying your moisturizing lipstick, move the brush in circular movements so that those small skins fall off.

Lip Gymnastics

Oddly enough, the lips can also be exercised. According to some aesthetic experts, pronouncing the letter U for 10 seconds, and repeating this exercise two or three times a day can help the circulation of the area to be more active. Similarly, gentle tapping with your fingertips will also help this.

Good Healthy Habits Can Make A Difference

The way we live our day to day can also affect our lips. A diet high in fat can make them suffer. Similarly, smoking will also make you more likely to crack more often than usual. This can also happen if we don’t wear lip balm with a good sun protection factor (SPF) during the summer.

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How To Make Lips Appear Thicker

In addition to all the above, you will also find ways to trick the human eye and thicken the lips from something as simple as makeup. There are different techniques and they can even be combined for even more spectacular results.

Moisturizes The Lipstick

Like your face, before applying makeup it is essential to nourish your skin with a cocoa cream or lip balm. This is ideal not only for your lips to always be juicy but because this will help the lipstick last longer and look more even.

Add A Concealer Base

Many specialists in the beauty sector recommend starting to make up your lips with a concealer. Why? You can draw much thicker lips with the eyeliner and it will allow you to obtain a more natural final result.

Wear A Lip Liner

The lip liner is a perfect makeup tool to have thicker lips without surgery. In addition to delimiting the area and marking the shape of the lips, it allows us to skip our natural lip line and give them more volume in a natural way.

After The Lipstick, A Little Shine

One trick that makeup artists use to increase lip volume is to choose a lipstick or a lighter gloss than your lipstick. Apply it only to the central part of the upper and lower lip and gently blend it towards the corners.

The Best Treatment For Thick Lips

  • If none of the proposed solutions convinces you and you want a more durable solution to have thicker lips, but you don’t want to have surgery either, you should know that there are other solutions.
  • One of the best treatments to have fuller lips is hyaluronic acid. This product that is found naturally in our body is capable of retaining water and thus provides firmness to the internal tissues of the skin. Over the years, this substance is lost, so your lips can lose volume in a substantial way.
  • A treatment with hyaluronic acid will allow your lips to recover this molecule and thus increase its volume thanks to the retention of the water that is produced. In this way, they will be smoother.
  • It is a simple treatment that is applied after a thorough study of each specific case and that is developed with strategically located injections and in which hyaluronic acid is grafted. This is an intervention that does not require hospitalization or rehabilitation time and, in addition to all this, you can check the results practically immediately.

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