Long And Voluminous Eyelashes: Here’s How To Get Them

Many of us believe that having long and thick eyelashes is only a “natural gift”: either you are born with them, or you are destined only to dream of them. Nothing more wrong! Eyelashes need constant care that can help them be strong and voluminous: only by treating them correctly will you obtain an extraordinary result. To do this, it is unnecessary to resort to artificial methods such as false eyelashes, extensions or excessive amounts of mascara, but follow simple steps daily. Some do it yourself, others with the help of some products.

What to do and what to avoid

Treating your lashes well is the first step in making them grow healthy and strong; for example, if you touch your eyelashes frequently or carelessly, they tend to weaken: therefore, avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible, because, in this way, you will irritate the follicles, causing bending and possible fall of the eyelashes.

Remember that it is very important to remove makeup every evening, using delicate products that respect your skin; also, in this case, do not rub your eyes: for an optimal result, just put a minimum dose of makeup remover on a cotton pad and apply it on the eyelid, leaving the product to act for a few moments. After removing the disk, try massaging your eyelids for a few seconds with petroleum jelly, ideal for dry and weakened eyelashes from everyday makeup.

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Natural remedies

One of the best and natural allies to strengthen eyelashes is castor oil. It is a very dense vegetable ointment that, thanks to its properties, has a nourishing, strengthening and polishing action, making the lashes thicker and more resistant. To apply it, you can use the applicator of an old mascara or even just your fingertips, concentrating it on the root of the lashes.

Two other very effective and natural products are coconut oil (such as the organic, raw and cold-pressed one of NaturaleBio ) and olive oil. The first is rich in antioxidants and helps protect the lashes from external agents, such as wind and smog, while the second has a large supply of vitamin E and is the best choice for greater hydration in dry lashes. They, too, must always be applied to start from the root.

Last but not least, we cannot forget green tea, a product with a thousand benefits that is confirmed to be an excellent ally in this case too: thanks to the high content of flavonoids, it is perfect for stimulating the growth of eyelashes. The best way to apply it is to prepare a cup in the evening, wait for it to cool, dip a makeup remover pad in it and leave it on the eyelids for about ten minutes.

Long live the vitamins

For healthy and strong eyelashes, try to favour foods rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, such as beans, lentils, avocados, broccoli, nuts and the same olive oil. If you want, you can also opt for vitamin B supplements (such as Vitamaze Vitamin B Complex, vegan and of the highest quality), the most important vitamin for strengthening eyelashes, but also nails and hair.

The eyelash curler

An eyelash curler is a tool that you can find in all beauty shops, and it is often very underestimated; it has the power to curl and give a nice volume effect to your lashes. Use it carefully, gently squeezing the lashes of each eye for at least 15 seconds and then release them carefully to avoid plucking the hair or irritating the eyelid follicles.

The mascara

The mascara can be a real ally in the care of eyelashes, but often, finding the right one is anything but simple. To make your mascara highlight your eyes and, at the same time, take care of your lashes with each stroke, choose those products that contain a high amount of moisturizing ingredients, such as panthenol. Then, when applying it, always start from the root, moving towards the tips and moving in a zig-zag, repeating the operation a couple of times to make sure you have coloured even the shortest lashes. If you want to have a volume effect in addition, after the first coat of the product, dust with a comb a minimum amount of talcum powder on the eyelashes and then apply the mascara again: this is a trick used by even the most famous makeup artists!

Finally, to avoid the lumps effect or if the mascara should be dry, diluiscilo with one or two drops of castor oil or with a minimal amount of saline or eyewash solution for the eyes.

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