Natural And Thick Eyebrows – The Fashion Of The Moment, Tricks To Have Them Perfect

Natural beauty never goes out of style! In recent years, models and showbiz women have been sporting full, natural brows. Here are some tips and methods to have the flawless, also based on the shape of your face

Naturally, full, a bit ‘but the rebels treated: eyebrows that can thrive throughout 2019 will be so. Gone are the days when extreme hair removal was a must. Rebellious eyebrows are increasingly requested but not too much, with a natural and thick shape but without a hair out of place. But how do you get it?

Here are some tips for getting natural, full brows in harmony with your face shape.

Your natural shape

First of all, it is very important to understand which eyebrow shape is best suited to your face, using what is called the “pencil technique”:

  • Place a pencil vertically on the outer edge of the nostril and draw an imaginary straight line to locate the starting point of the eyebrow.
  • However, to calculate the length, always starting from the nostril, draw an imaginary oblique line with the pencil that passes through the corner of the eye and reaches the eyebrow.
  • Finally, to calculate the arch’s highest point, run an imaginary line through the pupil until it reaches the eyebrow.
  • Then calculate the right proportions in harmony with your face. You can start working on the eyebrows following their natural shape. The eyebrows should be reshaped about once a month, preferably in the evening, especially if the area tends to redden.

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The tricks to have thick and natural brows but with style

You can comb your brows upwards and towards the temples daily to make them appear fuller and immediately get a more natural and, at the same time, well-groomed look.

For a messy but stylish effect, you can apply a mild skin oil, such as olive or coconut oil, and massage it into the hair with your fingertips every night before going to sleep. In the morning, wash your face with warm water to remove any residual oil and gently pat your eyebrows with the towel. When you apply the oil and rinse yourself in the morning, try to do what you can to keep the hair in the direction you want.

You can use eyebrow henna both to correct any defects and give greater intensity to the look. As for the choice of colour, opt for one or two shades darker than the natural one to intensify the sparse eyebrows or choose the shade closest to that of the hair for a more natural and harmonious effect.

If you want your brows to appear more linear and tidy immediately while remaining soft and not weighed down, the curvy shaping technique with colourless wax is for you. Apply the wax and then, using an eyebrow comb, distribute a special eyebrow gel over the entire eyebrow arch with gentle movements, which allows you to fix the hair in the desired position by outlining the shape. The strength of the curvy shaping technique with colourless wax is the use of wax that supports the adhesion of the gel so that the eyebrows retain the desired shape throughout the day.

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