How To Shave A Beard In 7 Steps

Would you like to know how to shave a beard properly? What are the most common mistakes when shaving? What products should you use to get a perfect shave? Here we review the eight steps to follow for shaving a beard successfully. In addition, we tell you some of the most valuable tips to avoid having incidents during shaving and what are the most frequent errors.

Steps to properly shave a beard

Shaving your face shouldn’t be difficult. However, there are as many different ways to do it as people. We already know that not all men have the same type of beard, nor do they use the same products, but we should all carry out a series of steps. Below we will reveal to you the guidelines that will make your shaving experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Hydrated water

The first step is significant, and not all men carry it out. If you want to learn how to shave correctly, start by hydrating the face and neck area. Hydration helps reduce irritation on the face during shaving. In addition, you will also avoid unwanted cuts and scratches. Whether you use the blade or the razor, hydration is essential to soften the hair so that you can slide the edge through the skin more smoothly.

2. Use a shaving gel

Apply a specific shaving gel after moisturizing your face and neck. Many men indeed use any soap, even hand soap, but it is also true that these types of products are not designed to fulfill this function. Therefore, if you do not want to risk it, use specific products for the beard to avoid unnecessary complications. A good shaving gel will make your face visible so you can precisely outline which areas you want to shave.

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3. Check the blade

The third step is straightforward. The problem is that we do not usually take it seriously. It consists of checking the razor or blade and changing it if it is worn or has a defect. Doesn’t seem so complicated, does it? Well, this is precisely one of the most frequent mistakes we make. Shaving with a damaged blade can cut your face.

4. Make short and smooth strokes

Do you want to know how to shave a beard properly? It would help if you had time, at least 15 minutes, not to rush. Do not try to shave in 2 minutes, or you will end up with a destroyed face. In this fourth step, the secret is to take small and smooth strokes with the blade to achieve the precision you need.

5. Clean the blade frequently

Remember to rinse the razor or clean the razor as many times as necessary. Also, you should apply shaving gel as many times as necessary. You know, the better the state of the blade, the smoother the shave.

6. Utilize un aftershave

Step 7 is significant, and almost no one jumps, but still, it is remembered. Once you have finished with the blade, you should apply an aftershave balm, and it will help to hydrate and soothe the skin.

7. Take care of your beard with a serum

If you are one of those who like to wear your whole face clear, or grow a mustache, goatee, or sideburns, forget this step. Step # 8 only be able to perform. The men want to wear a trimmed beard.

Typical shaving mistakes

Here we leave you the classic mistakes made when shaving your face. Do you eat any? What do you think?

  • Shave your face in 5 minutes. The rush is not good companions. We have seen it before. The best thing is to go step by step and with love.
  • Wet your face a little before starting. If you don’t hydrate enough, you will end up with a red-hot face. Ideally, use hot water to open your pores.
  • Being a tough guy. First, it is convenient to pass the blade in the direction that the hair grows, and then, if the face allows it, change the direction against the grain for greater closeness.
  • Rub with the towel. When you finish shaving, rubbing your face with a towel is a fairly common mistake. It is best to do it with gentle taps.
  • Do not use both hands. One hand to move the razor and the other to stretch the face. That’s the secret.
  • Be a brute. It is outrageous to run the blade over the pimples or squeeze it to finish off unruly hair. You will only get to cut your face.

Steps for a correct shave: Conclusions

Now that you know the eight steps to shaving your face correctly, the time has come to put your knowledge into practice. Remember not to make the typical beginner mistakes and end up with your face looking like a square. Anyway, if you don’t get it, you can always visit a professional barber who is what they are for.

On the other hand, if you already know how to shave a beard with ease, perhaps the time has come to go one step further. Now you can start practicing! We recommend that you look at our article with the beard styles in fashion and choose which one you like the most.

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