False Nails: How To Remove Them At Home?

You had superb false nails, perfectly maintained with the help of your favorite manicure? But now, since the salons are closed, impossible to go to touch up. And as your nails continue to grow, you will have to manage the crisis yourself.

False Nails: Start By Cutting Them

The first step is to cut your false nails. This may seem obvious, but the fewer the nails, the easier it is to remove! It makes matter less.

Resin False Nails: Prepare Acetone

If you have false resin nails, you will have to soften them to remove them. This is where acetone comes in, a product that in general is leaked because it is very aggressive, but which will be very useful for this mission!

For this to be effective, soak your nails for 15 minutes insolvent with acetone. Then with boxwood sticks or with what you usually use to push back your cuticles, remove the false nails. If they resist, dive back into acetone and try again. The idea is to remove the capsule without damaging the natural nail below and therefore to find the perfect balance between a gentle scraping and an assault with acetone not too long.

False Gel Nails: You’ll Have To File

The handling is obviously not the same. Here, the procedure to follow is much longer and more delicate: you will have to gently file the surface of the nail until the natural nail appears. Be careful not to go too far. Take your pain patiently. If it seems too long, just cut off the tip of the nail as you go. The base of the nail will be “lower” and therefore thinner than the rest, but it’s better than filing your natural nail.

False Nails: Once Removed, Pamper Your Natural Nails

After removing her false nails, the skin around and the nails were well attacked. We will have to pamper them. Natural nails can be porous or soft, it’s completely normal, don’t panic! Trim the nails well and take care of castor oil for example. Also, don’t skimp on the hand cream. You can also make masks with gloves. Very effective.

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