How To Maintain The Hair Prosthesis

It is a totally personalized process for each client, with surprising results. We want to explain how to maintain the prosthesis. Can you come with us?

The hair prosthesis, a unique piece for each client

The most characteristic feature of hair prostheses is that they adapt perfectly to each particular case , both to the anatomy of the head, as well as to the colour, length and style. All this is achieved thanks to the completely handmade and personalized manufacturing process .

Being made with natural hair , we must use appropriate care products to keep it in optimal conditions for longer. As with our hair, if we use inappropriate products, the hair on the prosthesis dries out, loses color, and becomes tangled.

The maintenance of the prosthesis can be done at home or in the hair center.

Maintenance of the hair prosthesis in the hair center

As manufacturers and specialists in hair prostheses we strongly recommend doing maintenance in the hair center. Maintenance will be more complete and the client does not have to worry about anything.

Remove the hair prosthesis and take care of the scalp

As we explained in previous articles , one of the main characteristics of the hair prosthesis is that it is a permanent hair solution. That is, once integrated, we do not remove it for our normal life: we can shower, swim, play sports, sleep, even wear a helmet, as if it were our own hair. To make this possible.

To detach the hair prosthesis from the head, we use an oily lubricant that allows us to perform this operation very easily.

Once the prosthesis has been removed, we apply our Iboderm cellular regenerative hair treatment all over the scalp through a cranial massage. The massage helps optimal absorption of the product and, at the same time, becomes a very relaxing moment for the client.

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Washing of the hair prosthesis

While the client is in the cabin with the hair treatment, we begin the process of washing the prosthesis.

First, we remove the adhesives from the base of the hair prosthesis and clean it until there is no residue left.

We continue with the process by applying our Soft Hair nourishing spray to the dry hair of the prosthesis . We do this application before washing itself, since the spray detangles while moisturizing , leaving the hair in optimal conditions for washing.

Now yes, we apply the shampoo. We use Lanotec , a shampoo rich in wheat proteins that nourishes the hair, restoring it and conditioning it . We repeat the operation a second time.

We apply B-Group strand by strand throughout the hair. B-Group is a vitamin complex with a highly restructuring action on the stem and ends of the hair. Apart from the soft bases, specially designed to protect, soften and repair the stem, B-Group provides vitamins and antistatic agents that eliminate annoying static electricity.

Before clarifying the B-Group vitamin complex, we apply infrared rays to rebuild and condition the hair. Infrared rays close the hair cuticle, adding shine and leaving hair silkier.

Once we have rinsed the B-Group, we submerge the hair system in a preparation based on our Hao2 regenerator – a restructuring agent based on water-soluble nutrients – and Nutrient Mask (approximately 50 g, depending on the texture of the cuticle). This process combats the dryness of the hair, restoring its initial hydration . Also, by not rinsing it lasts longer in the cuticle.

Head washing

Once the exposure time to the cell regeneration treatment has elapsed, we remove the rest of the product.

We then apply a treatment shampoo from the Tricosystem line , which we will choose based on the characteristics of the client’s skin. Trico System has a wide range of nourishing, moisturizing, antitoxic, anti-seborrheic shampoos, etc.

Finally, we dry the scalp with a towel and apply a specific lotion for each skin type. We use our lotions formulated with active ingredients – essential oils and vitamins – specially designed to combat hair abnormalities.

Protect and prepare the skin

To prepare the skin and provide optimal fixation of the adhesives, we apply a single-use Skin Prep wipe. We will notice its effect, especially when the prosthesis is fixed with long-lasting adhesives.

Fix the hair prosthesis

Finally, we fix the hair prosthesis to the client’s head with the type of adhesive that corresponds to the usual use of the prosthesis. It will not be the same adhesive for a “removable” prosthesis as it is for one that remains fixed on the head for 30 days.

Maintenance of hair prosthesis at home

We only recommend doing maintenance at home if the user wears it “removable and put” .

If this is the case, the customer can carry out maintenance at home. In the capillary center we offer you the necessary products to carry out the entire process. In addition, to carry out the hair treatment, the client will have our advice to acquire the products that best suit their type of scalp.

For washing and conditioning, we recommend products from our Restructure Only line.

When the prosthesis is used permanently, removal is somewhat more complicated and requires some care.


We recommend that our clients who carry out maintenance at the center come once a month. On the other hand, we like to see clients who choose to carry out maintenance at home at least once every three months.

We hope that with this article we have been able to clarify a little more how we care for prostheses in our hair center. It is a process that will help extend the useful life of the prosthesis, in addition to keeping it looking its best.

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