Washing Your Hair Properly: Have You Ever Made These Mistakes?

Washing hair is such a well-established routine for most people that you think you can’t go wrong with it. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! We show what mistakes you can make when washing your hair and give tips on how to protect your hair and scalp.

Although our scalp hair is nothing but lifeless horn fibers, which essentially consist of keratin – that does not mean that they cannot be treated better or worse. Because: The hair can also be damaged by incorrect care, damage that cannot be repaired (even if the manufacturers of repair shampoos are happy to make other promises).

Regardless of whether the keratin strands (on the inside) or the cuticle layer (on the outside) of the hair have been damaged – such damage can no longer be reversed, it can only be concealed in order to make the hair at least appear visually healthier (e.g. through the use of silicones ) . . Even split hair does not grow back together.

Proper hair washing protects against dandruff & Co.

Therefore, if you value healthy and beautiful hair, you should know what is good for your hair. This includes, for example, avoiding excessive blow drying, which can contribute to a dry scalp . But washing your hair properly also needs to be learned. Because: The consequences of incorrect hair washing can be, for example, dry hair, greasy hair or problems with dandruff .

1. Washing hair too often and too hot

If you wash your hair too often and/or too hot, you not only strain the hair structure, but also wash away the oils and fats that are supposed to protect the scalp from drying out: Dry scalp, dandruff and dull hair can be the result. So it’s better to wash less often and lazily.

2. Wash hair with (too) aggressive agents

When we talk about overly aggressive shampoos, we mean completely normal shampoos from the drugstore, which can contain skin-irritating agents (such as zinc pyrithione, which is found in many dandruff shampoos ) or allergenic fragrances, as our cosmetics tests have shown again and again .

3. Using too much shampoo

Yes, hair can also be “overtreated”, not only by washing it too often (see above), but also by using too much shampoo and/or conditioner. Not only can too much shampoo cause hair damage, but it can also result in the shampoo not being rinsed out thoroughly, which can irritate the scalp and contribute to a greasy look in the hair.

4. Use shampoo that harms the environment

Many people are not aware of this, but numerous hair care products contain ingredients that can damage water bodies if they get into the sewage system, for example. ÖKO-TEST has been criticizing environmentally harmful substances in shampoos and the like in our regular cosmetics tests for years.

5. After washing: rub instead of wringing

It is better not to rub your hair too hard with a towel after washing . It is better to gently squeeze or wring out the hair with a towel.

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