Five Haircuts To Refine A Round Face

As you know, a good haircut should match your personality and style. But, above all, keep in mind that it must suit the shape of your face. Indeed, to highlight your features, your hairstyle must be well adapted to your physiognomy. Otherwise, you risk drawing attention to your little complexes instead of hiding or sublimating them.

For example, you display a round face with well-filled cheekbones. However, this chubby baby side has the gift of exasperating you. You are looking for a haircut capable of blurring the contours of your face to reduce your plump cheekbones. Know that many possibilities are available to you to feel good about yourself and reveal your face in style. So, follow our advice and fall for a haircut that matches your round face perfectly!

Want Long Hair? Opt For A Gradient

Do you want to keep your hair long? If you leave your lengths in the state, your round face will not be highlighted. The worst option would be to keep your hair straight and without volume. Indeed, the heavy side of this hairstyle without structure will only emphasize the curves of your face.

To proudly wear your lengths, remember to degrade all of your hair, especially on the top of the head. This technique will give movement to your haircut. Little trick: a little volume in height helps to rebalance the shape of your face. In addition, the gradient (associated with tapering) should be accentuated on the contours of your face to lighten the whole thing.

In addition, favor natural wavy or even beautiful soft curls to enhance your features. Indeed, straight hair is hardly flattering for your face. You will understand that a gradient on long hair will be perfect and think of the movement for a look all in femininity.

Go For Airy Bangs For Your Young Face

Prejudices die hard, and very often, you think that the bangs are not adapted to the shape of your face. However, a fringe can completely soften your features and provide a glamorous touch to your look. The fringe frames your look and brings femininity. It would help if you chose the shape that will make you irresistible.

To make a fringe, when you have a round face, you have to bet on a rather long edge with movement. A pretty tapered and lightly layered fringe or an asymmetrical lock that elegantly sweeps your forehead (an excellent way to hide a slightly rounded forehead). On the other hand, you must avoid straight, thick, stiff bangs, which will only make your features heavier. Dynamism and naturalness are assets when it comes to your haircut!

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The Long, Wavy Bob Is Perfect For Your Round Face

The goal is to slim your face with a good scissor cut. Know, ladies, that a long, unstructured bob is perfect for your round face! For this, you have to play subtly with the proportions. For example, a smooth square reaching the cheeks with a parting in the middle is not for you.

In the same way, run away from the ball square; the latter is instead reserved for thin faces because of the volume it gives to the sides of the face.

On the other hand, a degraded square reaching the collarbones will highlight your baby’s face. And if you have a few extra pounds, this haircut, all in flexibility, will be perfect for revealing your potential. A long, well-layered square, the hairstyle-disheveled effect will give you a crazy look. Consider using a seawater texturizing spray for sexy wavy hair!

Consider Adopting Ideal Hairstyles (Ponytail, Fuzzy Bun) For Your Round Face

Do you like to change your look every day? Well, many hairstyles are suitable for your face. Therefore, you can make a ponytail (low or high) without pulling the hair back too much. Also, consider undoing a few locks to frame your face.

A loose bun is also a good option, with a small volume in height and small crazy locks that frame your face. The perfect combination for a bohemian style of the best effect!

Once again, if you tie up your hair, consider harmonizing the volumes by gaining height (slightly backcombing at the roots ) and blurring the contours with small rebellious but subtly placed locks.

A Short Haircut? Yes, But Necessarily Unstructured

If you set your sights on a shorter cut, consider an airy version, preferably. Opt for a little volume at the roots and longer locks at the front that will harmonize your curves. So, don’t hesitate to adopt an unstructured faux court: nothing strict, fixed, or ultra-short boyish.

In addition, keeping a little length on the nape of the neck is more judicious. Indeed, nothing is more sensual than placing a small wick behind the ear. This cut also rejuvenates after 50 years by giving a dynamic look, a touch of madness that will suit you perfectly. And for a very feminine look, also think about accessories.

XXL earrings and glasses (square or rectangular shape) can help you slim down your face. The goal is to draw attention to your magnetic gaze rather than your curves. Never hesitate to seek the advice of a professional such as a hairdresser-visage for a tailor-made cut to find yourself on top in front of the mirror!

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