How To Lose Weight Fast And Healthy?

Are you at a point in your life where you need to know how to lose weight fast and healthy ? In moments of stress it is easy to lose control of our habits and as a consequence, gain a few kilos. Not to mention the difficult months after a pregnancy!

If done properly, it is perfectly possible to lose about 5 kilos per week. To make this weight loss healthy, it is best to follow our method specifically designed to achieve our goals quickly, while taking care of our body.

The keys to lose weight fast

Diets and weight loss processes help us control our weight and make a change in habits that may be necessary for our lifestyle. However, if they are not done carefully and following healthy guidelines, they can turn against us. The dreaded rebound effect , for example, is a consequence of this.

On the other hand, if you follow our advice you will not have any problem and you will be able to enjoy the results in just three weeks , less than a month!

Combining diet and exercise

There are many different nutritional plans to lose weight fast . From the paleo diet to the Montignac Method , all the methods that have gained fame in recent years require, in one way or another, to eliminate foods or food groups from your habits.

On the other hand , we tell you the nutritional approach associated with it, which varies according to the needs of each week within the method. If there are foods that we do not recommend eating because they are not healthy, it will not be necessary to go hungry, but we look for alternatives that satisfy you and that you like.

The key to this method is to burn fat and detoxify the body with the help of food supplements. Combining these aids with a healthy and balanced diet you will get your results very soon .

However, in addition to changing your eating routine, it will also be necessary to introduce the necessary physical activity into your day to day . Thus, the burning of calories will become more effective and you will also be able to incorporate a habit as healthy as daily exercise.

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Banishing myths, the healthy way to lose weight fast

Before telling you what our plan consists of, it is best that we make sure to eliminate some myths that go through the networks regarding weight loss.

One of the biggest is the myth of intermittent fasting .

Skipping meals, eliminating them from our day or using substitutes such as shakes is not beneficial for our body. In fact, quite the opposite, it is best to try to increase and eat around five meals a day . Of course, they will have lower caloric intake, but this is the best way we have to speed up metabolism.

The same thing happens when we try to eliminate a type of food from our diet.

Quitting carbohydrates may not be the healthiest option, it is better to consume them more wisely (opting, for example, for slow absorption hydrates ).

Three weeks of treatment, step by step

Let’s go to the important thing.

Follow these three easy steps:

1. The first week of the plan consists of eliminating toxins from the body and performing a deep cleansing of the body.

For this you will have to follow the nutritional plan and you must accompany it with the supplement designed for this first moment. It is based on the slimming properties of pineapple, a fruit with negative calories.

You will burn fat just by digesting it!

In this first week it is very important that you dedicate your time to accept the changes and not get frustrated with food. That is why it will not be so important to do intense physical exercise, you can start by walking for an hour a day .

2. The main objective of the second week is to introduce a complete exercise plan.

Combine cardio with weight lifting to lose fat while gaining muscle mass. In order to regulate the body after the detox process, you will have to take our prebiotic sachets .

With them you will repopulate your intestinal flora and you will be in good condition to start losing kilos.

3. The last week is finally here!

Now you will have done with the healthy diet proposed in the plan and you will have to do your part to maintain the exercise routine . However, there is also the most rewarding part of the plan, the most significant weight loss.

With our satiating capsules, based on chitosan , you will avoid the absorption of fat day after day. Combining this with exercise and a good diet, you can start burning those extra kilos easily and without stressing your body.

Now you know how to lose weight fast and healthy without running any danger.

Get in touch with us and start this journey towards the best version of yourself.

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