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Struggling To Quit Smoking? Here Are Some Effective Methods You Can Try

Putting an end to your smoking habit can be challenging. After all, it can be difficult to let go of cigarettes if you’ve been using them for a long time. If you feel this way, you’re not alone: of the 30%-50% of smokers in the US who try to quit, only 7.5% are successful. The rest experience relapse due to withdrawal symptoms, like restlessness.

If you’re struggling to quit, you can try a few things to boost your efforts and become among the successful people who have ditched the habit.

Here are some effective methods you can try:

Stay away from your triggers

Consciously avoiding events, places, and situations that urge you to smoke can greatly increase your chances of success. This prevents you from thinking of and accessing cigarettes. For example, if you smoke during parties or when stressed, remove yourself from the situation. Instead, go for a walk or play a game on your phone. It’s best to avoid these circumstances right as you begin quitting so you don’t set yourself up for relapse.

Seek social support

Receiving encouragement from your loved ones can make all the difference in boosting your efforts. They can remind you of your goals when you want to give up, call you out when you reach for a cigarette, and listen to your frustrations. With their support, you can find the will and motivation to succeed. You can also get support from people in the same situation should you want more relatable advice and encouragement. A study from JMIR Publications reveals access to social support via online community forums like QuitNow allows aspiring quitters to get specific smoking cessation advice, hear the benefits of being smoke-free from successful individuals, and gain confidence through encouragement from others. So don’t hesitate to seek help if you need more support!

Undergo nicotine replacement therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy involves using nicotine products, like pouches and gum, to help you gradually quit smoking. These allow you to adapt to the lack of tobacco, so you’re less likely to relapse. Nicotine pouches are smokeless oral products that can stay in your mouth for up to 60 minutes. Consider starting with VELO’s nicotine pouches, which come in perfectly balanced flavors to help make quitting fun rather than a chore. You can also choose between oblong and round cans, with pouches in the latter offering stronger concentrations of nicotine for heavier smokers. Nicotine gum, meanwhile, is slowly bitten to activate nicotine release. A well-known brand is Nicorette, which makes 2mg and 4mg gum variants. When using Nicorette’s nicotine gum, opt for the higher dose, then move on to the lower option to help your body gradually quit smoking over time.

Try exercising

Smoking can make you feel “good” because it triggers the release of happy hormones—like dopamine. Yet the truth is you can get the same results when exercising, which is an infinitely better alternative to smoking. It can not only keep your mind (and body) away from smoking and any cravings for cigarettes but also help build your health back up after you give up the habit for good. However, our post “Have You Quit Smoking? Start Exercising” shares that doing physical activities you don’t enjoy won’t help you experience these benefits. If you feel that regularly going to the gym is repetitive and boring, don’t do that! Try to be more creative instead. Love podcasts? Try walking, then eventually jogging while listening to a few episodes. And you don’t need to exercise too hard right off the bat, either: you can start by simply moving more often, then work your way up to more intense routines.

Getting rid of your smoking habit can be difficult. Try these methods to increase your success and help you quit for good.

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