Have You Quit Smoking? Start Exercising

You’ve just ceremoniously put out your last cigarette, and now you’re determined to give back to your body what you’ve been denying it all those years of smoking—healthy exercise and fitness.

Congratulations, you made the right decision. And with our tips you will get back in shape faster and safer.

Benefits of exercise for cured smokers

Exercising after you quit smoking has many benefits. For example, it will definitely help you cope with the physical and psychological aspects of nicotine addiction. According to several studies, it helps to limit the weight gain experienced by many cured smokers, but it also reduces the desire for cigarettes. Even moderate physical activity , especially aerobic exercise, clearly reduces the urge to smoke . However, withdrawal symptoms and the desire for a cigarette are reduced not only during the exercise itself, but even up to fifty minutes after it. In addition, exercise:

  • Reduces appetite,
  • Distracts from thoughts of smoking,
  • Improves mood
  • Helps to cope with stress and feel more fit.

Exercise that you won’t force yourself to do

If you are just starting out with exercise, you may be worried that it will feel like you are in the galleys and that you will have to force yourself to do it every time. However, it definitely doesn’t have to be that way. It is important to choose an exercise that will bring you joy in itself. So don’t focus primarily on results, but on fun.

Football is a game!

It can often be about activities that have little to do with a classic visit to the fitness center. For example, if you’re a soccer fan and enjoy kicking a ball around, join a recreational league team around your area. This will give you a great cardio workout that will help you get in shape quickly.

Sometimes yes, sometimes not

It is definitely better to start slowly with exercise . If you schedule five days a week in the gym right from the start , you will probably run out of energy soon. Try to follow the regime of one day yes, one day no. This will not only help alleviate post-workout muscle soreness, which can put many people out of action, but also help you avoid burnout more easily. When you harden up a bit and your body gets used to the new load, you can easily add some extra training to your schedule.

Work to lose weight and build muscle

Over time, add weight-loss exercises to your schedule, which is an excellent way to build muscle tissue, which in turn will make it easier for you to engage in strength training. One of these is the so-called resistance exercise, which permanently improves metabolism, which at the same time enables easier weight control . In addition, if you don’t directly tell your body to maintain muscle mass, it can happen that you slowly start to lose muscle mass. This carries with it an increased risk that your body will instead create more body fat.

Seek help from a coach

If you are not completely sure how to start exercising properly, there is always the option of contacting a personal trainer. Don’t be afraid to ask a professional for help – it’s not a shame, but, on the contrary, a sign of exercise maturity , because even the best of the best consult with colleagues and experts during exercise. If you do not exercise correctly, you will not achieve the desired results, and a lack of progress can easily lead to a loss of motivation. On the other hand, when you see results soon, it will be much easier to stick with your exercise plan.

Do not neglect daily movement

Try not to overlook the benefits that daily movement can bring you. Simply getting up and moving more can do wonders for your quest to get in shape fast. Thanks to this, you will feel better mentally and physically . And try to observe the proportions. For example, many people think that an hour in the gym after spending all day in a sedentary job is enough and that’s it. It’s not like that. Even an hour in the gym a day does not give you the right to spend the rest of the day just in a work chair or on the couch in front of the TV. Try to be active all the time . For example, you can pedal on an exercise bike while watching TV. Keep trying to find ways to add some movement into your day, for example getting off the bus one stop earlier on your way to work and walking a little further. You will soon find yourself feeling better in every way on the days you exercise than when you are idle.

Quick tips on how to start exercising

  • One of the things that really helps with starting exercise is setting aside a regular time for it . It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, afternoon or evening, in short, choose a time that suits you.
  • Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week . Again – it doesn’t matter if it’s walking, running or cycling, but try to move at least a little every day.
  • Make exercise your priority and fit it into your daily schedule. And if you can’t set aside the minimum recommended 30 minutes a day for movement, you can exercise or move at least in several 10-minute intervals.
  • Don’t forget to choose activities that you can be sure you will be able to do at all times and under all circumstances. Start slowly and gradually increase the rhythm to more frequent or more intense exercise .
  • Signing up for a class or choosing to work out with someone else can make it easier to stick to your plans.

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