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Headband Fashion Trends & Hair Accessories For Every Outfit

It’s all about statement hair accessories, lately, but how can we pick the perfect headband or accessory for us that will last us more than just these next few months? Our guide has well-loved classics like scrunchies for tying up your hair, headbands for making your next bold statement and clips for when you can’t be bothered — all with a modern update. It’s all about comforting nostalgia meeting the latest trend with a twist. The great news is that this list of hair accessories is so easy to incorporate into everything, from your day-to-day loungewear to your next big event.

1. The Scrunchie Is Back! – We are so excited that this 90s trend is back. Those flowery pedal pushers can stay back in the 90s, though. If you want to mix two beloved 90s trends together, you’ll love the scrunchie and puffy headband combo, AKA the scrunchie headband. This trend looks so romantic and really sweetens up a look for that soft girl aesthetic. If you want a slightly more grownup version of the scrunchie, try a hair ring. The hair ring is perfect for throwing your hair up into a ponytail or half updo and heading to your next workout or hot date night.

2. Head Scarves – Imagine you’re riding in a convertible with the top down. You’re basking in the sun and feeling the wind through your hair, but your hair is all over the place. You’re going to want a headscarf. Besides being practical by protecting your hair from the wind and sun damage, headscarves are also super trendy. Try a square-cut scarf in a paisley print pattern in navy, gray, black or white. It’s so versatile, and you can wrap this type of scarf around your hair or ponytail or simply wear it as a scarf.

3. An Elegant Bow – For a touch of elegance, you’ll love a bow in your hair. You can even go for a headband that already comes with a bow if you don’t want to deal with having to tie a bow. Try a velvet bow-tie scrunchie in silver and black. It’s perfect for pulling back your hair or wearing on your wrist. If you have any little ones in your life, you’ll love little headbands with tiny bows. These adorable bow headband sets are made with soft fabric so the little princess looks and feels fabulous.

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4. Bare It All with Barrettes – You may think of your grandmother’s dusty jewelry box when you think of barrettes or your awkward middle school photo. We’ve got great news for you because today’s barrette clip has been bedazzled to fit today’s look. The more the merrier, and we’re all about layering barrettes. Not only are barrettes a cute accessory, but they also help keep flyaway hairs out of the way.

Barrettes can also have cute sayings on them like “love” or neat chevron designs. If you like an elegant barrette, go for one with tiny pearls. To mix your favorite barrette with a soft fabric headband, put on your headband first, and then add barrettes to one or both sides for an added flair.

5. Thick Headbands – While thin headbands make for an easy minimalist style, thick headbands are for the bold. Try a fashion-forward faux leather wire tie in black. These are completely malleable to create a perfect fit and style. If you prefer a softer headband that still offers a sophisticated look, you’ll love a black suede wire tie. As for traditional headbands, try a traditional headband with a chic double braid detail in soft ivory.

6. Claw Clips – Remember claw clips? You can wear claw clips in so many different ways. Try putting your hair up into two parts, and have two buns, to look like a space princess. Add a headband for an extra bold statement. For a relaxed yet classy look, put your hair back into a sleek bun and add a claw clip. This kind of look is perfect for a formal event. Have to head to the gym or do chores at home? Throw your hair into a messy bun with a giant claw clip and put on a headband to finalize the look.

7. Hair Jewelry – This is hair jewelry like you’ve never seen before. We’re talking jeweled barrettes, decorative bobby pins and studded pins. These clips and decorative pins sparkle and shine. They instantly enhance any look. Check out XL clips that are oversized and adorned with rhinestones and pearls. Try out maximalist clip stacks with colorful jewels. These hair jewels go great with a simple and solid color headband so that your hair jewelry can really stand out.

Whenever your outfit needs a lift, go for some hair accessories that pack a serious fashion punch with a practical style. The hair accessories of our childhood are back and better than ever. Functional yet stylish accessories, like skinny headbands, are here to stay. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these different trends with your hairband. Mix the scrunchie with the headband. Use the scarf and barrette together. Your hair is your canvas and you’re the artist.

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