Onion Shampoo: The Extra Strength And Vitality That Your Hair Needs

Surely you have already heard about this shampoo. It was a real boom a couple of years ago, and everyone was talking about how good it was and how good it left your hair. But let’s not speak in the past tense. The onion shampoo is a product that, without a doubt, has come to stay. Therefore, today we are going to tell you the benefits it can bring to your hair. Thus, in this post, we collect all those reasons why this product should be a must in your hair care routine, and that is all that onion can do for your hair. Can you let us finish convincing you? Keep reading!

Why your hair wants you to choose onion shampoo

Before we start with the list of benefits, we want to clarify a question that you may have wondered at some point: onion shampoo does not smell bad! It was a relief. Once this secret is uncovered, we can continue with the post because we have many interesting things to tell you. Due to its high sulfate content, the onion has an infinity of properties that make it a great option to give hair volume and strength, helping it grow stronger and shinier.

The health benefits of onion are more than known. It is one of the protagonists of our Mediterranean diet. It is beneficial for the cardiovascular, diuretic, and digestive systems. Bearing this in mind, it is not surprising that this food has made its way into our beauty and hair care routines for years.

If you are a fan of cosmetics, it will not be the first time you see this ingredient in a product. The onion – Allium cepa- belongs to the Liliaceae family. In beauty treatments, it is an ingredient that does not go unnoticed since it is a powerful antioxidant-rich in quercetin and sulfur, helping your hair grow in an easier and faster way.

But that is not all! Due to its properties, onion is a very effective remedy to end different hair problems simultaneously. Onion shampoo has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Do not stop reading if you want to know how to make your hair shine in its maximum splendor.

Your hair with more vitality than ever: these are the benefits of onion shampoo

Say goodbye to greasy hair and dandruff

Does your hair get dirty quickly, and do you have to wash it every day? Do you want to say goodbye forever to that annoying and unsightly dandruff? Well, onion shampoo can become your great ally. It is recommended for oily hair because it has astringent properties. What does this mean? Well, it is a shampoo with an anti-grease action, regulating its excess and avoiding flaking of the scalp.

Ultimately, onion is the perfect option to remove excess fat and dandruff at a stroke, thanks to its antibacterial properties. These astringent properties will make your hair look more beautiful and shiny on the outside and healthier and more revitalized on the inside.

Ideal to stop hair loss

There are certain times of the year, for example, when our hair falls out more in spring. Well, the properties of onion shampoo also prevent hair loss. This explains that onion is rich in sulfur and quercetin, two stimulants that improve blood circulation.

Does your hair tend to fall out? Here we tell you the causes and solutions!

Your hair will grow… much faster!

It is precisely the stimulants contained in the onion that activate the hair follicles so that your hair can receive more nutrients. In addition, thanks to the sulfur it has, the onion enhances the production of collagen. The result? Your hair will grow faster. Of course, also stronger and healthier. With the onion shampoo, you will accelerate the growth of your hair healthily.

How to introduce onion shampoo into your hair routine

In addition to all those benefits you just read about, onion shampoo is also very easy to use. You have to wash your hair in the same way as you usually do. Of course, we recommend that you use shampoo regularly if you want to see rapid evolution in your hair.

  • Do you wash your hair daily? You can always use the onion one, but it is also a good option to exchange it with another shampoo that you use frequently.
  • Do you wash your hair two or three times a week? It will always be worth using the onion shampoo to start seeing the results as soon as possible.
  • As for the way of use, very simple: wash your hair by massaging it gently, let the shampoo act for a few moments, rinse with warm water and repeat the operation if necessary. The time to try an onion shampoo is now!

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