Don’t Keep Looking: These Are The Keys To Protecting Your Hair From The Sun

The same thing always happens: summer comes, and we run like crazy to buy five types (or more!) Of different sunscreens for the skin: one for the face, one for the body, one for the bag and of course the aftersun.. Ok, yes, we have overcome it: it is imperative to protect the skin from the sun.

But we completely forget to pay the same attention and give the same amount of pampering to our hair. ERROR! Protecting your hair from the sun should be your mantra throughout the summer, but don’t worry because, to make it easier for you, we have compiled the three essential tips that you must follow faithfully and thus avoid at the end of the summer that the scissors have to cut more than what you expected.

Start packing your suitcase, but – spoiler! – nothing to close it with without putting your protective shampoo. If you stay and keep reading, there will be no ray of sunshine that can resist you. We started!

You have to protect your hair from the sun, but what happens if you don’t?

We do not have to tell you chemicals damage hair in swimming pools, salt, and the sun. Probably on more than one occasion, it has happened to you that you return from well-deserved summer vacation and your hair is a mess or, worse, with greenish reflections because of the chlorine! Result: a soft, dull and brittle-looking mane that cries out for help. Do you know what happens to your hair when you don’t worry about pampering it and giving it everything it deserves?

  • Heat dehydrates hair.
  • The UV weakens and alters the color.
  • The hair fiber is damaged and deteriorates.
  • But things do not improve with the effects of chlorine on the hair, and they are just as harmful!

It is true that hair, unlike skin, does not suffer from sunburn, and the damage is not so obvious. Your hair does not turn a shrimp color! But you should know that UV rays from the sun also damage hair because they can penetrate the cuticle and weaken the hair follicle. Sunlight, generally speaking, lightens hair and weakens its keratin structure. The most immediate consequence is dry hair that breaks easily and risks losing its natural shine.

For this reason, you should avoid solar aggressions and take care of your hair in summer. It is in your hand, and it is easier than you think. We will tell you how to do it!

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Three keys to protect your hair from the sun

In summer, you not only have to protect your skin: hair also suffers the ravages of long hours in the sun and bathing in the sea or the pool. Every day of your vacation, you smear yourself in body sunscreen to avoid burning your skin, but why not do it with your hair too?

Wearing a shiny, silky, and well-groomed mane throughout the year, including the hot season, is possible, and you need to know the right products and tricks.

The trick: change shampoo

It seems like a no-brainer, but most people believe that when they discover a shampoo that makes them dinky, it is not good to change it in the hair routine. You must alternate your usual shampoo with another that meets the precise needs of dryness or weakness.

Cut your hair!

Don’t be afraid to at least clean the ends of your hair before and after the summer. It is the area that suffers the most from external aggressions throughout the year and, ( oops! ) We have to confess. We do not take care of them as they deserve. But in summer, next to the scalp, it is one of the areas most exposed to intense sun and long periods of floating carefree on the water.

Give your hair a break and get rid of the most abused part throughout the year so that when you return from vacation, you do not panic, and your hairdresser has to cut more length because your hair is more damaged and in worse condition.

Take advantage of all the ways to protect your hair from the sun

We give you some tips that can help you take care of your hair during these months:

  • Wear hats: in this way, you will protect the scalp, especially if you do not have a lot of hair and are more exposed. You can also use caps, but we recommend wide-brimmed hats that will also protect the skin on your shoulders and neck.
  • Put your hair up: a braid or a bun can be the perfect allies, especially when you go to sunbathe or bathe. In this way, most of the capillary surface is protected from the sun.

Be careful with the chlorine! Yes, chlorine causes hair to acquire greenish undertones that, in addition to being unwanted, are aesthetically horrible! The key? Oil or cream that protects it and avoids this effect is typical of swimming pools, such as Protection Botanic Solar photoprotective hair cream.


It is a fact that direct exposure to the sun has detrimental effects on hair health. Over time, hair can become excessively dry, weak, and even fall out. Once you learn to protect your hair from sun exposure, you will not be able to live without your life-saving products.

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