Hair Loss? We Will Tell You The Causes And Solutions

Now that summer is over, and fall begins, perhaps you notice on your brush, pillow, or shower that your hair falls out more than usual. First of all, don’t worry! It is something quite common, and it also has a solution. Today we tell you everything about hair loss, its causes, and the solutions that will help you strengthen it and promote its growth. If this is one of your concerns every time you resume the routine after the holidays, keep reading because this article interests you.

These are the causes of hair loss

Some people are used to having their hair fall out more than necessary at this time of year and do not try too hard to remedy it. But if you are reading this, indeed, you do not belong to that group. If you are one of those who want to stop the fall, we have several things to tell you. Of course, before you must know the causes that cause us to lose hair and be able to put the most appropriate solution. When you finish reading this post, we hope your doubts are resolved!

On average, people lose about 100 hairs a day due to the natural process of the hair cycle. This is so because each hair goes through three phases:

  • Growth or anagen: the hair attached to the papilla is born and grows and can last between 2-8 years.
  • Transitional or catagen: hair stops growing and separates from the papilla. It can last between 3-6 weeks. The cellular activity of the hair stops. Thus the end of growth occurs and leads to hair loss.
  • Regression or telogen: hair falls out, and the follicle rests. This stage can last between 2-3 months.

Once this last stage is finished, the hair cycle begins again. When the hair does not grow back in the follicle, the end of the hair cycle occurs. The result? The well-known problem of hair loss. This hair loss worries men and women equally, although it tends to occur more frequently and is more aggressive in the case of men. On the other hand, hair loss can affect only the scalp or the entire body.

Some of the causes of hair loss are:

  • Hereditary factors
  • Hormonal changes
  • Illness and medications
  • Seasonal
  • Stress
  • Eating habits

Do you want to know more about the causes of hair loss? Below we delve a little more into each of them.

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Hair loss due to hereditary factors

Hair loss can be associated with a family history. The most characteristic is androgenic alopecia (also called androgenetic alopecia or common baldness), and it is the most common among the male population. There is a genetic predisposition in these cases, and it appears gradually.

Hormonal changes also affect your hair

Hormones are one of the determining factors of hair loss. For example, during pregnancy, after childbirth, or menopause, women may suffer an abnormal loss of hair quantity, making it thinner and weaker. Also, hair loss can occur if there is a deficit or imbalance in the number of hormones secreted by the thyroid.

If a medicine causes hair loss

If you are taking medication or going through disease and you notice that you lose density or quantity of hair, consult your doctor so that he can prescribe a vitamin complex that strengthens your hair and prevents it from falling out. Hair loss is associated with the intake of medications and can be a side effect of some, such as those used to treat cancer patients with heart problems, arthritis, or depression.

Does hair fall out in autumn?

We are expected to lose more hair depending on which months of the year we are in since it is more common in some seasons than in others. In autumn, although also in spring, is the time of year when hair loss occurs most.

In fact, in autumn, the hair falls out naturally: the only thing that happens is that it “reverts” more than at other times.

Hair loss due to stress

Yes, hair falls out when we get stressed. This emotional stress from complicated situations causes hair to fall out in large quantities. You may have heard of telogen effluvium, which causes sudden hair loss and takes 2-3 months to manifest. This type of stress has caused that after the confinement derived by Covid-19, many women and men have noticed that their hair falls out more than usual.

A poor diet also causes hair loss

The lack of protein, which is the main component of hair, causes our hair to lose strength, thin, and fall more than expected. Another dietary factor that affects our hair and weakens it is iron deficiency, which also causes anemia. This problem is very recurrent in women, so it is advisable to always go to the family doctor to diagnose the causes that cause it.

Eating a particular type of fish may improve protein and fatty acid deficiency, especially if it is bluefish.

Hair Loss Solutions

If you’ve made it this far, you’re sure to ask yourself, “what can I do to keep my hair from falling out?” Many solutions help improve the health of your hair and promote its growth, from the most homemade to the most professional.

Home solutions to prevent hair loss

Some of our recommendations are very simple to carry out day by day, and you can start practicing them from today:

  • Gently treat your hair when you wash or brush it.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to avoid pulling and breaking the hair.
  • Protects hair from sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light.
  • Wash your hair whenever you need it, since washing it less does not mean that it will fall out less.
  • Use a shampoo that is not harsh on your hair.
  • Avoid overusing very tight hairstyles, as they can cause traction alopecia.

A good diet so as not to lose hair

Yes, without any doubt, you must follow a correct diet, in which you include foods rich in protein and iron, such as whole grains, meat, blood sausage, tuna … In addition, incorporate the sugar from fruits and vitamin C from foods such as strawberry, kiwi, orange or tomato, will help your body to properly absorb those proteins and iron that your hair so badly needs to strengthen its capillary cycle.

Say goodbye to stress… by the hair!

Taking actions that help you channel stress is very beneficial for your hair. You can exercise, find your own relaxation spaces or join activities such as yoga, painting, or dancing, but above all, be patient and breathe!


When we lose our hair, we are tempted to try many home remedies that may not work and even damage our scalp. Here we told you about it. The ideal way to stop hair loss is to start by going to our doctor and hairdresser to diagnose and find why we are losing hair. They will offer us professional solutions that will go through acquiring correct eating habits and using the appropriate products for the needs of our hair.

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