Beauty Week: Hair Care On Cold Days

Low temperatures, drought, rough textiles: The cold months can make your hair really well. So why not smudge them a bit for a week in the sign of wellness? Treat them to a daily ritual from Monday to Sunday. Our care calendar brings great ideas and tricks for healthy and soft hair for every day of the week.

Significant changes between seasons are not only characteristic of fashion and sports, but also leave traces on the quality of your hair. This means that you should reconsider how you care about them every six months or so. They need a different kind of care in spring and summer than in autumn and winter. During the cold months, our hair requires special attention because the dry air (inside and out) disturbs their moisture balance.. Sensible temperature fluctuations also have a negative effect – from the outside, where it is cold, to the inside, where it is warm again and again… And as if that was not enough, winter brings another stress factor: clothing. The fact that clothes are amazingly warm does not automatically mean good news for your hair. Bulky scarves and upright collars can entangle hair as they rub against each other. For example, the rougher fabrics of winter coats can damage their surface, contribute to splitting of the ends and excessive brittleness.

Hair needs quality care to recover from these difficult tests. Pay special attention to them in the form of a weekly wellness program. The 7-day beauty process nourishes your hair from the roots to the end, giving it vitality and shine. Highly efficient, simple program that does not require time and energy – try it and start right from Monday.


After an even and deep cleansing, start your week with a fresh feeling: thanks to special repair shampoos, your hair will be more resistant to stress and protected from drying out. The gentle formula cares for the hair and even heals minor damage at the structure level. Well, giving yourself a little break in washing will help, Well, if your scalp often itches and is irritated, it will help you take a little break in washing. The cleansing washes away the natural oil from the hair, which protects the skin and hair. Its production decreases due to freezing temperatures and dry air, so daily washing in the winter can dry out the hair.

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Spray them! The varnish wraps the hair like a shield, preventing friction and static charge, which arises as a result of wearing wool sweaters, knitted scarves and similar accessories.


Unfortunately, electrification and crepe are a daily affair in the freezing season – mainly because hats become our inseparable companions. Best weapon: Anti-crepe milk. It improves the quality of hair, restores its silky surface without overburdening it. Simply apply it evenly to towel-dried hair and frizz will get no chance.


Give your hair something extra after washing. The rinse-free treatment regenerates their structure and adds more vitality to the hair. And the good news is that instead of having to rinse your hair, this little miracle can moisturize and treat your hair throughout the day.


Haven’t hit the oil yet? So now is the right time! Beautifying hair oils are the perfect finishing touch for evening hairstyles full of shine. Thanks to them, you will look great and intensive nutrition will be absorbed immediately, thus protecting your hair from drying out.


Finally the weekend! Now you can spend a little more time with your hair – and pamper them with premium care. The rich mask will give them everything they need: the effect of this deep nutrition will be visible for longer, it restores the hair structure and gives them a lot of moisture. It also contains beneficial vegetable oils (such as argan and jojoba) and strengthening proteins in combination with vitamins.

Best results: After washing, rub the mask into damp hair. Try to arrange it precisely with the help of a thin comb and then wrap your hair in a towel – the heat will multiply the effects of the individual components. Leave the mask on for five to ten minutes and then wash it thoroughly.


We all know that we should rest on the last day of the week – and that is exactly the last wellness secret. Nothing to do! Because too much good can also damage the hair, even burden it. So let the bottles and tubes rest on Sunday – lay your feet out and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Your hair will thank you.

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