Hairstyle Trend 2022: These Six Hairstyles Are In – And These Are Out

New year, new hairstyle luck – which hairstyles are trendy in 2022, and which ones do we say goodbye to? We’ll tell you here!

With the turn of the year, many of us feel like making a small (or significant) change in type. A new hairstyle is perfect because it can be implemented relatively quickly and easily. Just make an appointment at the hairdresser, and off you go. But what are the must-have hairstyles for the next year, and what are fashionistas no longer showing up with? We dare to take a look at the hairstyle future sphere 2022!

Hairstyle trend 2022: These six hairstyles are in

Blunt Bob

The easy-care blunt bob is already a massive topic among hairstyles in 2021, and it will remain so in 2022. No wonder the “blunt” cut on a hair length provides more volume for fine and thin hair. Great for everyone who hasn’t dared to wear a bob for these reasons. At the same time, this bob looks very elegant and is styled in no time at all.

Glass Hair

The glass hair look is a megatrend for long hair – and in 2022, the extra-long, shiny mane will also be famous, for which you need a straightening iron. Care products are also essential because you can only reflect yourself in healthy hair – and that’s what this look is about. Gloss spray as a finish adds a touch of shimmer.

Collarbone Bob

With the collarbone bob, the hair gently surrounds the collarbone, hence the name. The hair is cut blunt, which provides more fullness. Great for everyone who hasn’t dared to go for a bob due to a lack of hair volume. You can find out how to style the collarbone bob here >>

XL bangs

Heidi Klum showed how it was done – her fringed XL pony is so magical that it will also be a must-have next year. The extra-long version, which Camila Cabello also wears, is wonderfully light and girlish and cheats away for a few years – if you want it. If pony, then the Heidi variant!

Wolf Cut

In the last few months, the Wolf Cut has already impressed us with its rocky attitude. Nothing should change in 2022! Fringed, wild layers make the rebellious haircut perfect and bring punk into everyday life. We reveal even more about the trendy look here >>

Baby braids

How sweet! Baby braids will also be at the forefront again in 2022. We see the small plaited braids more and more often on TikTok, Instagram & Co., and even on the red carpet. They are THE eye-catcher par excellence. And it gets even better: really everyone can wear them.

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Hairstyle trend 2022: These six hairstyles are out


If there is one hairstyle that will be absolutely out in 2022, then let’s say goodbye to the undercut. It is well known that you should stop or leave when it is most beautiful… Goodbye, we will see you again!

Ponytail on top of the head

It is somehow clear that this hairstyle is now taking a break because the high ponytail is impractical in the hat season. So he stays in the barn until it gets warmer outside.

Bubble braids

The summer braided hairstyle called Bubble Braids has finally stopped broadcasting – the braids, divided into many individual sections with hairbands to look like bubbles, are a summer fun hairstyle. Bye, see you sometime!

Sleek hair

In 2022, the sleek look will take a break for the time being – long, straight hair is still trendy (glass hair), but the wet look, which is achieved with a lot of gel products, will no longer be popular next year.

Side parting

The side parting was yesterday because, in 2022, we will have a center parting again. Has it ever been easier to turn a hairstyle trend into reality? Hardly likely!

Strawberry Blonde

Those who were particularly brave last year dyed their hair an intense strawberry blonde. In 2022, however, hair will be allowed to recover from unnecessary dying strains: strawberry blonde has had its day (for the time being).

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