7 Tips To Slow Hair Regrowth

Before thinking about slowing hair regrowth, consider the different options available to you in terms of devices or products to remove hair.

1. Epilate with the best device

There are different ways to remove hair, here are the main ones, from the least effective to the most formidable.

  • The razor: it cuts the hair on the surface, which will immediately start growing again. It is a method of rapid hair removal or troubleshooting, but it is of questionable effectiveness. In addition, it tends to dry out the skin.
  • Depilatory cream: it is no more effective than the razor, but it attacks the skin less. Here too, the hair removal remains on the surface and the hair will quickly grow back.
  • The electric epilator: it is a very interesting solution, provided you have a powerful device. It pulls the hair out at the root and is, for some, less painful than waxing. The regrowth will start again about 3 weeks after the treatment.
  • Oriental wax hair removal: this method is one of the most radical, it is a little more painful, but it has the advantage of seeing the hair grow back 4 weeks after waxing.
  • Permanent or semi-permanent hair removal: these are methods used by professionals and which must be carried out in impeccable hygienic conditions. This is the case of laser or pulsed light, which will eliminate hair in a sustainable way, but whose treatment is to be considered over several months. These methods attack the bulb directly and are relatively expensive.
  • The tweezers: you should always have tweezers in your bag, if only to remove unsightly hair on the face or refine your eyebrow line.

2. Exfoliate your Skin regularly

The exfoliation does not prevent the hair from growing back, but it allows a better growth , which will not take place under the skin. Your hair will be all the easier to remove the next time you epilate. There are heaps of homemade recipes to make your scrub with common and inexpensive products. For example, you can use oil and coffee grounds, which will have the same powers as an exfoliating cream, for a very reasonable sum.

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3. Apply Lemon on the Skin

Lemon has many nutritional and cosmetic virtues , in particular that of slowing down hair regrowth. You can use a lemon cut in half or extract the juice to mix it with a little water. Thanks to its antiseptic properties , lemon is excellent just after depilation, for better healing. If you’ve shaved, it’s better to avoid it, because it can sting you terribly.

4. Use Sage Oil

Sage essential oil has many benefits, especially one that interests us here, it slows hair regrowth. By acting on the hair cycle, it will allow you to save a little time if you apply it to the depleted areas about half an hour after the treatment. You can add it to a carrier oil of your choice (sweet almond, jojoba, argan), so as to obtain a liquid and creamy solution. This solution will also act on small irritations and redness.

5. Hydrate with Mint Tea

According to some studies, mint tea has the power to reduce androgen levels in the blood. This hormone, which we all have in greater or lesser quantity, is responsible for our hairiness. To slow down hair growth.

6. Eat Soy

Soy has the particularity of increasing the level of estrogen present in our body. This action would result in a decrease in androgen levels. Even if there are no serious studies, you have nothing to lose by trying, because soy has other interesting properties for health. For those intolerant to dairy products, it is also a way to consume delicious recipes, while reducing the speed of hair growth.

7. Specialized Anti-regrowth Products

For people with a lot of hair, there are specific products that must be applied after waxing. Whether they are in spray, cream or lotion, they must be used at least half an hour after depilation, otherwise you risk seeing redness or spots appear on your skin. They are quite expensive, so you should research them well before buying them.

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