Blonde Hair: You Have To Pay Attention To This When Caring For It

Blonde hair looks beautiful, but needs the right care to stay radiant for a long time. We tell you which products make dry ends, yellowing and the like a thing of the past.

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun? And does the color hide “blonde innocence” or rather a “cool blonde”? A variety of characteristics are attributed to people with blond hair. That can get annoying pretty quickly – especially when a dull blonde joke is told for the hundredth time.

But what is not boring at all: blond hair itself! Only about two percent of the world’s population call the pale hair color their own. As a colored variant, the color is extremely popular. No wonder: a warm golden blonde or delicate vanilla blonde are real eye-catchers.

We’ll show you how to care for your blond mane properly so that the color stays beautifully radiant, and we’ll tell you which hairstyles your blond boy looks particularly great with.

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Blonde hair: what are the nuances?

  • White blonde is the lightest hair color and is extremely rare. The hair has almost no color pigments, which makes it look white.
  • Like white blonde, platinum blonde is so lightened that it has almost no pigment left. The cool color is best done by a hairdresser.
  • Peroxide blonde is the slightly yellowish cousin of platinum blonde. The yellow shimmer is intentional here and not a coloring error.
  • Light blond hair refers to the light shades of blond that are mainly found in Scandinavian countries. Naturally light blonde hair is very rare.
  • Vanilla Blonde is a blend of cool, ashy blonde tones with warm accents that give the hair a beautiful glow. The color is vaguely reminiscent of platinum blonde, but looks more natural.
  • Honey Blonde is a darker blonde variant that is still beautifully radiant. The golden undertones of the strands harmonize well with olive complexions.
  • Wheat blond is a very natural dark blond interspersed with lighter and darker nuances. The hair color is a good starting point for people with dark or ash blonde hair.
  • Medium blonde is one of the most common blonde tones and looks very natural. The transitions between medium blonde and golden blonde are fluent.
  • Golden blonde is characterized by the warm undertone. The gold nuances come into their own best with warm skin tones.
  • Ash blonde looks less shiny, almost matte. This hair color contains cool color pigments that give the hair a slightly metallic shimmer.
  • Dark blonde hair is also referred to as ” bronde ” and is a mix of blonde and light brown. Depending on the season, the hair is lighter or darker.
  • Strawberry blond is characterized by the typical red tinge, which gives the blond hair a soft reddish shimmer.

Which shade of blonde suits them?

Dyeing your hair blonde is a big step. Especially if your natural hair color is rather dark, it can take quite a while until you reach the desired shade. That’s why you should consider beforehand which blonde tone suits you best.

The rule of thumb: the lighter your skin, the lighter the blonde can be. But of course light blonde is also possible with a darker complexion – it’s best to approach it slowly so that you are not overwhelmed by the end result.

  • Very fair skin goes well with platinum, strawberry or light blonde.
  • Olive complexions look great with ash blonde.
  • A darker complexion or tanned skin will glow in warm tones, such as dark or honey blonde.
  • Cool skin types, with bluish or pink skin tones, look fabulous with cool blondes such as ash blonde.
  • Warm skin types with golden or olive tones shine with warm blonde.

The most beautiful hairstyles for blonde hair

Pretty blonde? Absolutely! In the right shade, blonde looks great on everyone. And when it comes to hairstyles, everyone will definitely find the right style for the blonde mane.

However, you should remember to have your hair trimmed regularly, especially if you have bleached hair. This way you avoid too many split ends forming and the hair looking unkempt.

Still unsure about your hairstyle? We’ll show you which looks go really well with your blonde.

  • Did you just come back from the beach? You can easily get mermaid vibes with loose beach waves. In this style, your hair will shine at least as beautifully as the summer sun.
  • What Miley Cyrus can do, you can do for a long time: pixie cuts look cheeky, modern and really casual on blonde hair. With the right styling, the trend look is also very elegant at the same time. A real all-rounder!
  • Curtain bangs, also in combination with bangs, frame the face and give your style that certain something. The cut is particularly flattering on blond hair.
  • Medium-length layered cuts actually go with all hair colors. Layered looks are also fairly easy to style and add movement to your hair. This hairstyle also looks great with highlights!
  • To make your hair routine a little less complicated, the chic ” blunt cut ” is a good idea. Here the hair is cut to one length. Your blonde tone really comes into its own.

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