Fashion Tips For Mothers With Little Time

Is perfect styling worth it if strawberry yogurt could land on it? Yes, because our fashion tips are practical and beautiful.

A mother of young children has to think of a thousand things at the same time – every day anew. So it happens all by itself that previous priorities slide behind. What you dress quickly in the morning is probably one of them. But watch out, help is in sight! Read through our six fashion tips for mothers and we promise that you will soon be dressed up and admired for it.

Fashion Tip #1: Waist-High Jeans

High waistband is a brilliant and simple tip. Get one or two jeans with a “high waist” because they are timeless and comfortable. Do not hold on to the low-waist trousers. Coincidentally, the high version is totally hip and at the same time very flattering and practical. For a relaxed daytime look, simply put a sweater or a T-shirt in the waistband, in the evening you can replace the top with a striking blouse. Large, slender women are straight or tight jeans. Curvy women look great in a bootcut version.

Fashion Tip #2: Big Bags

An oversized Mary Poppins style pouch is a must-have for every mother. You don’t have to change your bags every day – in case of doubt, you might forget something in it (for example, the key help!). A large and beautiful giant variant will accompany you for years. Backpacks are of course also available and are currently popular. If this style reminds you too much of your own school days, you’d better take a bag and choose the colors black, brown, or gray. They go well with your entire wardrobe. And pack your sunglasses and lipstick right away in the pocket. With these accessories, you look stylish even after the shortest nights.

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Fashion Tip #3: Maxi Dresses

Dare to wear long clothes. Long and wide no longer mean old-fashioned. The times are over. A maxi dress is a wonderful way to look stylish without much effort. As a young mother, you probably don’t wear any large accessories anyway, because babies, in particular, can hardly keep their hands off them. You can be more playful with the patterns: paisley prints work during the day and in the evening. You just have to replace the light sneakers with chic boots. And if strawberry yogurt ends up on your dress.

Fashion Tip #4: Ankle Boots

A pair of chic yet comfortable boots will change your life because they look good on every occasion. Even with a narrow heel, they look classy. In addition, you don’t trip over edges – or your children. It’s best to get different pairs in black or with brown suede. They go perfectly with jeans, dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits.

Fashion Tip #5: Wrap Dresses

If you don’t have one yet – now is definitely the time to invest in wrap dresses. They are practical if you are still breastfeeding, but they are also great later. Many do not need to be ironed and can go straight from the dryer to your body. Knee-length jersey variants with large prints are ideal for the day. With a maxi version made of flowing silk, on the other hand, you will receive many compliments in the evening. Also take a look at wrap dresses with an empire cut, i.e. a waistband below the chest. These look very flattering.

Fashion Tip #6: Jersey Fabrics

You will feel comfortable in a simple wardrobe if you like the fabrics . And you get off to a good start with jersey skirts. Comfort is a plus, but they’re even more versatile. They go well with all sneakers, pumps and ankle boots. Longer skirts look great when they are snug, but more skirts look casual when combined with high heels. Whether you like it narrow or wide is up to your taste. But you’re always well dressed, whether you’re going to work, playing with the kids, or dancing the night away.

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