Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Here Are The Five Mistakes You Must Never Make

Delicate skin requires a series of targeted and specific care, and it is important to know what to do and what to avoid.

Taking care of your skin is one of the fundamental steps of a correct and complete beauty routine, especially if you deal with sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is, by definition, a type of skin fragile and delicate, which tends to irritate easily and which is more prone to react negatively to physical or chemical agents that come into contact with it (such as creams, detergents, fabrics, etc. ..) compared to normal skin; moreover, particularly sensitive skin is subject to the early development of wrinkles and other imperfections typical of photoaging, and errors made in daily beauty routines are likely to worsen the situation further.

The causes of sensitive skin are, in the first instance, hereditary, but it is good to know that even “normal” skin can become sensitive over the years, regardless of genetics. In addition to constitutional and hereditary factors, there are many and varied elements that can predispose to the onset of sensitive skin: first of all, sun, wind, temperature changes and the regular application on the skin of aggressive cosmetic products, but also stress, smoke, alcohol and an unbalanced diet.

The delicate skin requires, therefore, a series of targeted treatments and specific, and it is important to know what to do and what to avoid: take care every day, in the most correct, of his skin of the face is equivalent to keep it healthy, beautiful and young longer long.

So what are the mistakes that are made most frequently? Let’s find out together.

Do not test before introducing new products

Those with sensitive skin must be very careful when starting to use new products, even if specifically formulated for this problem: a good habit, to always follow, is to do a test in a small and limited area of ​​the body, as can be the neck or the inside of the wrist, and check the reaction to the product.

The neck, in reality, is the ideal area to check compatibility because the skin is less thick and therefore more reactive: if the product is tolerated in this area, it can also be applied to the face without the risk of allergic or other reactions—unpleasant inconveniences.

Pay no attention to nickel

The nickel is one of the main causes of irritation and reddening of the skin and is virtually everywhere, from jewellery to hinges to cosmetics and hair products. Skin rashes from direct contact are the most frequent form with which nickel allergy is highlighted: it is important to avoid wearing jewellery or accessories that could irritate the skin more.

Pay no attention to the products used

Using products that are not in line with your skin’s needs is a very common mistake, which mainly involves a hydration problem: either too much or too little. To be able to identify the appropriate beauty products, it is good to start by identifying your skin type :

  • For oily skin, it is necessary to opt for gels and light balancing sebum fluids, which moisturize and, at the same time, mattify.
  • If the skin is dry, it should be nourished with creams with a full-bodied texture, which prevents as much as possible the dispersion of liquids and the impoverishment of the hydro-lipid film; on the other hand, water-based foaming detergents should be avoided.
  • Sensitive skin needs products with soothing and gentle formulations.
  • Finally, for the skin normal, you should choose cosmetics according to climate: lighter in the summer, more substantial in the winter.

Go to sleep without removing makeup

Going to sleep without removing makeup is a very harmful habit that involves a series of problems, such as increasingly dull and dull skin and the onset or increase of enlarged pores and impurities, including acne and pimples. Furthermore, the habit of not removing makeup in the evening leads to irritation, redness and progressive fine lines on the lip and eye contour, and drying the skin and speeding up ageing.

Exfoliate too much

Exfoliation is certainly an important moment in your beauty routine. Still, suppose you suffer from sensitive skin. In that case, it can be a double-edged sword: if on the one hand doing a nice face scrub cleans the skin and frees the pores, exaggerating with this practice can lead the skin to produce more sebum, and therefore to the formation of imperfections, or to further sensitization, which manifests itself with inflammation and redness.

To avoid making mistakes, it is important to prefer scrub, preferably with microspheres, to be performed once a week if the skin is normal or dry, twice if it tends to grease.

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