Body Remodeling: Eliminate Cellulite, Fat And Flaccidity

We all would like to have a body 10 but very few can achieve this goal. There are factors that help as the genetics of each individual but even so, the passage of time causes our body to accumulate toxins and fats that are installed in our body with the appearance of an accumulation of fat nodules. For the rest of us mortals who are not fortunate enough to have a genetically ideal body, it is even worse.

Maintaining a balanced diet is essential. In our daily intake, we must always include fruits and vegetables in greater quantity, leaving the rest of the food to take them during the week more occasionally and always cook them in the healthiest and healthiest way possible. If you want not to increase your body fat or the most difficult thing, to decrease it, to achieve a body reshaping you must forget about fried, battered, sweet. we are those dishes so rich that we like so much but that is saturated with undesirable fats.

And yes, physical exercise is also essential. On other occasions, we have talked to you about Power Walking, which does not consist of more than walking, but yes, the pace must be very fast, everything that your body can resist. We are not talking about going out for a walk. To achieve the goal of losing weight without injuring yourself, you must maintain a correct posture that will avoid these possible injuries: straight and upright head, straight back and buttocks along with slightly contracted abdomen, and you must maintain the activity at least 30 minutes although the ideal is between 45 to 60 minutes. The only equipment you need is comfortable shoes adapted to walk properly.

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If you manage to maintain this routine on a daily basis that you can do both on the treadmill or outdoors, you will notice its benefits sooner rather than later.

If you prefer a more active sport, we recommend running. Going for a run brings great health benefits: it strengthens bones, regenerates muscle mass, fights cellulite, helps fight stress and anxiety, allows you to lose and control weight, among other benefits. We recommend a routine similar to Power Walking. Allow yourself at least 30 minutes a day to go running and each week gradually increases to 45/60 minutes a day and if you cannot every day, leave at least 2/3 days a week. Both physical and mental results will begin to be very noticeable and evident.

How to get a complete Body Shaping

But to eliminate the unwanted cellulite or fluid retention, for example, you need a little more help and this is where cosmetic body massages can help you since they will focus directly on your specific problem. There is a great diversity of body massages but not all of them are the most suitable for you depending on whether you are a man or a woman or even how old you are or the propensity of your body to accumulate fat in certain areas. The qualified help of a good professional should analyze your body and check what your needs are to define if the most appropriate is an anti-cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage, or a circulatory massage, among others.

And if what you want to achieve is a complete body reshaping to achieve that 10 body without surgery, we recommend one of the most current treatments with appliances that are giving the best results. Cyclone. This revolutionary system incorporates 5 technologies in the same equipment: Cavitation ultrasound (treatment of cellulite, localized adiposities, and orange peel skin), monopolar radiofrequency (stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, favors drainage, and increases the firmness of the skin), guide system and location of the area Video Tracking System (maximum efficiency of HIFU Focused Ultrasounds), HIFU ultrasound head(destruction of fatty tissue) and Rotary Vacuum Therapy System (Reduction of the size of the fat chambers for the treatment of body flaccidity and cellulite).

To obtain a complete body reshaping with real and lasting results it is important that you let yourself be advised by expert and professional hands, and our main mission is to help you. One of our premises is to know our clients very well, both men and women who want to make an appropriate aesthetic change aimed at obtaining effective results, but also real in the long term. It is very important for us to know you well so that you have a complete global experience-oriented to achieve your goals. From nutritionists to professional aesthetic experts with the most advanced technology on the market.

Do not hesitate, if you have come this far, you really have a need, you have a specific interest to feel better, to achieve that golden dream of having a body that makes you feel great and that makes you show yourself to others with confidence. And here we are waiting for you and delighted to be able to help you and be part of this change.

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