Diet Miracle Weapon: Losing Weight With Green Tea

Sounds great: Just drink green tea and watch the pounds tumble. Green tea is said to help you lose weight, stimulate the metabolism, and get fat-burning going.

But green tea really helps Lose weight It can’t be that simple, right? The positive properties of green tea have not yet been fully scientifically proven, but there are indications of the health-promoting ingredients.

So that you benefit from it, it is recommended to drink two to three cups a day. However, make sure to buy good quality tea and always drink different types of green tea. Those who don’t like drinking tea can buy matcha powder (finely ground green tea) or capsules.

Green tea is especially popular in China and Japan. Here the tea is drunk by the liter. The difference to black tea, which is so popular in Europe: The tea leaves are the same, but they are not fermented in green tea. This means that the tea leaves are only roasted and steamed – the green color and the secondary plant substances contained in the leaves are better preserved.

And it is precisely these phytochemicals that ensure that green tea Lose weight help or protects against Alzheimer’s, colon, and prostate cancer. The plant substances contained are flavanols, including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). They should have these effects:

  • They are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • They are supposed to protect the body from free radicals (which, among other things, are involved in the development of cancer).
  • They are designed to slow the rise in blood sugar levels after you eat.

In addition to flavonols, green tea also contains vitamins C and E. If you let the tea steep for a maximum of 3 minutes, it has an invigorating effect, similar to coffee. If you let the tea steep longer, it has a calming effect due to the theanine it contains.

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Leaves, Sachets or Capsules: How Does Green Tea Work Best?

So that as many flavanols as possible are contained in tea, leaves should be preferred – no bags. Dr. Benno Zimmermann from the University of Bonn found in his studies that the amount of secondary plant substances increases the longer green tea is brewed. And with it the possibility that enjoyment will help you lose weight.

The highest flavanol value was found in a green tea that was steeped for seven minutes and brewed at 100 degrees.

However, this information contradicts the drinking and preparation recommendations that are normally given for green tea. In a classic way, it is infused with slightly cooled water (around 80 to 85 degrees) and only brews for five minutes.

If you want to enjoy your green tea, you should stick to it – otherwise, the tea tastes too bitter and you are tempted to sweeten it with sugar – which does not exactly help the weight loss effect.

Does Green Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?

How EGCG works, whether green tea really helps you lose weight or prevents diseases, is still being examined in studies. Asian researchers want to have found out, for example, that four or five cups of green tea per day are supposed to help you lose weight and melt your body fat.

So far, research has only been carried out on mice, but the results show that mice that were given green tea extract with their food lost weight.

Whether green tea is really the magic bullet when it comes to weight loss has not yet been conclusively clarified scientifically, but it does not hurt to regularly drink unsweetened green tea. After all, it tastes good, and if there is a chance that it will also stimulate the metabolism, tumble the pounds and protect against disease – all the better!

If you want to lose weight in the long term, you should take a close look at your own diet. Sometimes a change in diet helps best in the fight against the pounds. With the gofit nutrition plan with feminine, you can lose weight in a targeted manner. I wish you success!

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