Top 5 Hair Color Trends 2021

If the thought of changes by spring does not leave you – you urgently want to change your hair color or get a new haircut – do not rush, it is better to first go over the most current trends in hair dyeing 2021, which we have collected for you together with our expert, hair stylist. Five main trends of the season = five ideas for a new look, right? Choose your favorite and share with your friends.

1. Dirty Blonde

With the advent of the trend for dyeing in the “dirty blonde” style, girls are gradually changing the idea of ​​classic hair lightening: today blondes are trying to add a slight negligence to the image, to make the coloring more natural.

Dirty Blonde – dyeing hair in blond interspersed with light warm adjacent tones, while the saturation and depth of color in the root zone remains unchanged. This coloring is perfect for girls with dark hair color who adore blond and want to finally solve the problem of regrown roots.

2. Colored Strands Near The Face

Dyeing the front strands of the face has been one of the main trends of the last few years. Stylists appreciate it for its showiness and contrast: the colored strands on the face are in perfect harmony with the natural hair color of the girls. In addition, such a beauty trick is a great option for those girls who dream of changing their hair color, but still hesitate, tormented by the question of whether the chosen shade is right for them or not.

The main thing is that such coloring can be repeated by any girl without stylist skills at home. However, it should be borne in mind that before dyeing, the strands should be lightened in advance so that the new color appears as bright and saturated as possible. For example, I recommend using Gliss Kur Blond, which will gently bleach your hair. Do not forget to observe safety precautions during the procedure: in order to accurately and efficiently lighten the hair, it is necessary to isolate the strands from other hair with foil, otherwise the adjacent curls may become lightened with spots.

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3. Bronding

Another popular hair coloring technique. It differs in that with its help you can create the effect of soft color transitions on the curls by dyeing individual strands along the entire length. For bronzing, more gentle paints are used in comparison with highlighting, which implies a full-fledged coloring of the strands.

The main principle of bronzing is a minimum of contrast, more smooth transitions.

Bronding visually gives the hair volume and density, adds dynamics to the color. With this dyeing technique, you can easily grow your natural color, as well as effortlessly create the effect of burnt hair, which is also fashionable this season.

4. Dip-Dye

Dip-dye is a new way of dyeing, but already quite popular among stylists and famous artists. This technique goes beyond the usual tint of hair: a girl with dip-dye hair looks like she just dipped her hair in a can of dye. With this unusual technique, you can use all the colors of the rainbow, from acidic tones to natural, natural tones. The contrast between the bulk of the hair and the ends can be strong or subtle. Dip-dye coloring will appeal to courageous girls who are able to challenge society, are not afraid of criticism from others.

5. Crownlights

One of the most fashionable and artistic subtypes of highlighting is considered to be crown lights hair. Typically, for such coloring, stylists choose a bright shade of paint – for example, lilac, blue or red – and paint over the entire root zone of the hair with it. Next, the strands are dyed in a lighter shade. As a result, you become the owner of a rather shocking hair color, which is difficult to confuse with something. In order for the color to be washed out gradually, the owner of the crownlight should regularly tint her hair in order to additionally maintain the brightness of the dye.

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