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5 Tips For Choosing A Flattering Swimsuit

Is there anything worse than wearing a swimsuit you don’t feel your best in? It’s time to put an end to the uncomfortable suits and the unflattering beach pics. Today there are tons of styles for women’s bathing suits that can flatter every body type, shape and color. You just have to know what to look for and where to start. Here are five tips to assist you this season in finding the most flattering swimwear for your body.

1. Flaunt What You Got — The first and most important step in choosing a flattering swimsuit for your specific body type is to decide which features are your favorite. Which areas do you want to be the stars of the show? Your answer to that question will be the foundation of your search for the right silhouettes and style choices to best emphasize your (ahem) assets.

For instance, do you love your backside? Opt for a cheekier bottom design to accentuate and flatter your bum. Flaunting what you love about yourself and drawing the focus to your favorite area is an absolute must in finding your perfectly flattering swimsuit.

2. Choose a Clever Silhouette — We’ve all got our favorite body parts we’d like to emphasize, as well as some areas we’d prefer to draw attention away from. With a cleverly designed swimsuit style, you can easily hide what you’d like to and show off your best spots.

The key is to be intentional with every part of your swimwear. Mix and match tops and bottoms if needed, in order to create the most comfortable combination for you. In today’s market, one-piece swimsuits and bikinis for women come with a wide variety of features you can choose from. There is something to hide every flaw and frame every great feature.

High-neck tops are a stylish and comfortable way to draw attention away from your bust if that’s what you’d prefer. Don’t love your tummy? A one-piece with a low back or a high-waisted bikini bottom are both sexy options for drawing attention away from your stomach area. The style choices of swimwear today are endless, and there’s always a creative way to comfortably hide what you want to so you can feel your best on the beach.

3. Be Intentional with Color and Pattern — Remember to also be intentional when choosing the color and pattern of your swimwear. Be sure to try on different shades under various lighting to see what washes you out and what makes your skin glow.

Studies show that people who wear red feel more attractive and even appear more confident. We say there’s nothing more flattering on a person than self-confidence! Red is also in the family of colors that are considered to be universally flattering for all skin types, so it’s a great choice for most, if not all, people.

Other colors that are said to be in the universally flattering group of shades include cobalt blue, dark purple and teal. Whatever color you choose, it’s always helpful to test it out by taking photos of yourself in your new swimsuit in different lights and angles. Take notice of whether or not your hair and skin look muted or if they stand out nicely against the colors of the suit.

If you opt for swimwear featuring a patterned design, remember that a busy print can be helpful with distracting from or concealing areas that you prefer to cover. This can be a flattering choice for some individuals. However, it is possible for a pattern to become overwhelming, so always be sure to put your suit to the photo test. When in doubt, ask a trusted friend for their opinion.

4. Add Your Personal Flair — Your most flattering swimsuit won’t just look good on you but it will also speak to your own personal style. Add a touch of flair and personality to your swimwear by selecting fun hemlines, styles and other features.

Whether it is ruffles, side cutouts or strappy back designs — be sure to find something special and uniquely “you” to give yourself that extra confidence boost. Wear your personality on your swimwear to show off the real you!

5. Comfort Above All Else — Last it’s important to note, at the end of the day, you’ll only wear what you feel good in. It’s important that you don’t make a swimwear decision based on what you think you should be wearing, but rather what you’ll be comfortable in and excited to put on when the temperatures rise.

Like we said, confidence is the most flattering thing you can put on. Play around with colors, patterns and silhouettes to see what you feel the best in.

In summary, there are just too many great swimwear options out there today for you to suffer through any more uncomfortable beach days. Flaunt your best assets and hide anything you’d like to draw attention away from with a cleverly cut and designed swimsuit choice.

Find the color or pattern that makes your skin look healthy and glowing, and be sure to test it by taking photographs in different lights. Add some unique style choices like ribbed texture or sexy cutouts, and you’re on your way to putting your best foot forward this summer! Just remember to choose what you feel comfortable and sexy in — confidence is the best accessory on the beach.

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