What To Bring To The Beach: The Ultimate Guide

Some of the best summer days are spent on the beach swimming, playing and relaxing with friends and family. Having a beach day is the perfect way to get outside and create new memories, especially when you have a cute beach outfit to show off! Even if you’re dressed to perfection, there’s nothing that will ruin a beach day faster than realizing you forgot something important. Whether you’re planning to stay at the beach for a couple of hours or all day long, here’s what you should pack for a fabulous beach day.

Pack the Perfect Beach Bag

Packing is an art, and that’s no different when it comes to filling up one of your stylish and functional beach totes before you head out for a day of sun and sand. While it’s important to be prepared, you don’t want to overload yourself with unnecessary items that will weigh you down. Consider these essentials before your next beach day:

  • Sunscreen: There are a lot of items you can overpack when preparing for a beach day, but sunscreen is not one of them. Sun protection is absolutely vital at the beach, the pool or any other outdoor destination. Be sure to pack a few sunscreen options including a spray as well as a lotion or stick that’s easy to apply on the face and neck.

Leave the sunkissed glow to your self-tanner and wear SPF 30 and above to avoid less than fun sun exposure side effects like skin damage and painful sunburn. If you want to maximize your sunbathing and swimming time at the beach, go ahead and apply your first layer of sunscreen at home before you put on your beach-approved swimsuit. Taking this extra step will ensure an even initial layer of sunscreen and allow it to start working before you go out in the sun.

  • Entertainment: What’s a great beach day without a beach novel to keep you company? Always remember to pack a good book before you go to the beach. It’s a great option to have when you want to relax in the shade, plus a book or e-reader is lightweight and won’t take up much space in your beach bag.

If music is more your style, be sure to pack a pair of headphones in your bag. Download a podcast or even make a beach-inspired playlist to listen to while your toes are in the sand. To prevent your earbuds from getting sandy or wet, place them in a plastic bag before packing them. This works for your phone and wallet as well!

  • Beach Snacks: Do your future self a favor and pack a few snacks for you and your friends before you go to the beach. While water is known as the most important addition to the beach cooler, many forget to bring small, shareable snacks to the beach. Crackers, cookies, protein bars, chips, nuts and other non-refrigerated snacks are perfect for helping you refuel after a few hours in the sun, a beach walk or a long swim.
  • Protective Beachwear: Your sunscreen isn’t the only protective item that should go in your beach bag. It’s also important to bring protective clothing and accessories with you to the beach. Fortunately, you can wear most or all of your protective garments to and from the beach so you might not even need to pack them all.

When it comes to protecting your head, neck and face from the summer sun, make sure to bring a stylish beach hat and a pair of trendy sunglasses with you. For body coverage, consider a tight-knit t-shirt or beachwear that is made with UV protection. These act as an extra layer of powerful sunscreen and will help you avoid sunburn.

A Guide to Coolers, Beach Accessories and More

Your beach tote can only hold so much, which means a few items will need to be carried to the beach by hand. If you’re planning to spend the entire day at the beach, it’s definitely worth it to bring a rolling cooler with ice, cold drinks, fresh fruit and lots of water inside. Make sure each person has their own beach towel they can sit on or use to dry off after a dip in the ocean.

As far as beach equipment, tools and other similar items, aim for comfort without having to haul multiple loads of stuff onto the sand. A good, sturdy beach umbrella and some beach chairs is a great place to start! Once you have set up your beach oasis and home base for the day, you can get to the more important stuff like enjoying the sunshine and relaxing on the sand.

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