4 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Take Collagen

How to look healthy, young and in top shape when I don’t have time for it? Combining all work and private responsibilities is very difficult for many of us these days. Fortunately, you can supplement the missing proteins in the form of marine collagen. We have prepared a great article for you, in which you will learn everything about the miraculous “elixir of youth”.

Why is collagen so important?

Did you know that in order to have wrinkle-free skin, strong hair and nails, or healthy bones, you need enough collagen? It is the main organic component of bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and skin. As you get older, the collagen content in your body decreases. That’s why the first signs of aging start to appear in your 25s. It is then that there is a significant decrease in collagen. The older you get, the worse it gets. After 40, our body is almost unable to produce it.

The causes of a decrease in collagen can be various, for example an unhealthy lifestyle – smoking, alcohol and drug use. Add to that stress, overwork and sugar consumption, and you will age much faster. Not to mention how unhealthy you’ll feel. Various health problems come with it – cracked knees, osteoporosis, arthritis… Fortunately, you can effectively protect yourself from these consequences, in the form of adding collagen to your body.

How do I add collagen to my body?

You can supplement collagen most effectively by drinking it. In order for collagen to be absorbed well and to work in your body as it should, it must be bioactive. It is produced exclusively in the form of a single-component powder that is dissolved in water and drunk. Its origin, quantity in the daily dose and of course its quality are also important. The highest quality is undoubtedly pure marine collagen made from fish.

So that you don’t have to search for which collagen is the best, we did it for you. We liked the Inca Collagen brand the most . After our meeting, our expectations were fulfilled. They explained to us that it is a nutritional supplement containing 100% pure marine bio-active collagen without additives. That is why it is most similar to the human one. In addition, it is easily absorbed and has a fast onset of effect.

The Inca collagen they offer is in powder form. Just pour it into a glass and fill it with water. One dose contains up to 3,000 mg of pure 100% collagen, which is a sufficient dose that the body can work with effectively. Reviews of Inca Collagen from well-known Slovenian women who suffered from many health or aesthetic problems will convince you of its great effects .

Smoothes wrinkles and improves skin condition

Even before you buy expensive anti-aging products or go for invasive procedures, try taking collagen regularly. Even the personal trainer, Lucia Mokraňová, did not believe that Inca Collagen could help her fight against wrinkles. In the end, the opposite became true: “My skin is glowing and off, but seriously!” Collagen will also help you with other skin problems. The biathlete, Veronika Machyniaková, was troubled by reddened skin in the dry weather . “Now that I’m using Inca Collagen, it’s much better,” says Veronika enthusiastically.

Nourishes joints and bones

Joints and cartilage are prone to wear and tear over time. That’s why you need to supplement collagen, which will nourish them. “When I started taking Inca Collagen, the pain in my knees and legs really disappeared. I don’t even feel it when the weather changes,” says Zuzana Plačková about her experience. You can use collagen even in case of a serious injury. Coach Di Hochi broke her fibula. During the treatment, she put on collagen. When she visited the doctor, she received praise: “The doctor was happy with how my bone is growing.” I believe that collagen also helped me with that.”

It will help you recover from childbirth

For mothers, childbirth is often exhausting, not to mention what comes after it. Many of them choose to breastfeed. It is during this time that their body consumes a lot of protein and other important nutrients. This is also why many of them return to their original form for a long time after giving birth.

Back to thick hair

When you supplement with collagen, it not only benefits your skin, joints and bones, but also strengthens your hair.

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