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How To Wax Without Damaging Our Skin?

Wearing always perfect skin, with an excellent tan tone and without annoying hair that gets in the way is one of the most followed aesthetic and beauty practices during the summer. The need to take better care of our skin during these months of the year is even more important than the rest of the year. The sun, among other factors, is a powerful external agent that can seriously damage and damage our dermis, which is why we must always take all kinds of precautions aimed at protecting it at all times. As for hair removal, as we have said, it is also a common practice for which we usually recommend choosing the best instruments and products to avoid damaging them excessively.

When it comes to removing all those hairs that are in the way, we have at our disposal a wide variety of products and techniques designed to remove every last hair from our body. Be that as it may, choosing the solution that best suits us, the one that best suits our skin type, or taking the necessary precautions in these cases are some of the indications that the best dermatologists and doctors specialized in this matter advise follow.

What types of hair removal are there, and which are better?

As we have said, when choosing one option or another, we must keep in mind the health and care of our skin. Selecting an alternative because it is much cheaper can put our bodies at risk and cause severe damage that, in many cases, can be irreversible. Here are some of the types of hair removal most in-demand today according to their effectiveness and quality in the hair removal itself.


Over the years, it has been the preferred choice for many women and men who want to see their bodies hair-free in no time. A technique that is undoubtedly cheap, durable, and within everyone’s reach allows us to root out all this annoying hair without even leaving the house. If you choose this option, you will only need hot wax and a few unique paper strips to remove the wax once it has dried on your skin. One of the biggest problems with this technique is that it is somewhat painful.

Razor hair removal

Another of the most used techniques is due, in part, to its more incredible speed when it comes to getting a close shave. You will only need a simple razor blade to obtain an excellent shave to do this. As for its significant drawbacks, it is not a proper hair removal since the hair is not removed from the root. On the other hand, it is a technique that seriously damages our skin.

Hair removal with depilatory creams

In recent years, and thanks to the advances made in this sector, special creams have emerged that promise, with greater or lesser success, to remove the hair we want from the body in just an instant. A painless solution that does not usually cause irritation or damage our skin, becoming the preferred option for many young people. Its mode of use is simple, and you just have to spread this product over the area to be treated and wait about 5 minutes. After that time, we can easily remove the hair while we shower. As for the cons, it is said that this solution is usually not very durable.

Hair removal with an electric razor

Finally, we find another of the options preferred by the usual hair removal. Thanks to electric razors like this male body epilator, we can get the best of a hurry without having to move from home. A very economical and effective solution that promises an excellent result by removing hair from the roots. Regarding its drawbacks, it is said that it is usually a somewhat painful alternative, although everything will depend on the electric razor that we use to wax.

How to care for your skin before and after waxing?

Regardless of the technique used to wax and being a priority to keep our skin cared for and free from aggression at all times, it is advisable to follow a series of procedures before and after waxing that guarantee this end. Before waxing, specialists recommend previously exfoliating our skin to remove any impurities that may exist and any trace of dirt. Also, showering with hot water before removing hair is said to help open up all your pores.

As for after waxing, it is advisable to take a cold shower to soothe and calm the treated area, as well as the use of moisturizers that help us to recover and hydrate the skin as effectively as possible, depending on the type of skin we have. . Before that, we always recommend testing this type of cream in case it may be the case that it may cause us some kind of allergic reaction or problem in our body.

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