365 Days In Shape: The Fitness Tricks Of The Male Models

It is their job to look well trained but not pumped up because they work as models: three perfectly built men from Hamburg to New York shared their training and nutrition tricks with us.

These are the fitness tricks of the male models:

Mr. Dolce Vita: Maxime Henrotay

How much time do you spend on sports?

I train at least three times a week for two hours or four times a week for 1 1/2 hours or five times a week for an hour. Depending on how much free time there is between my jobs.

What is your training like?

Sometimes I go on the treadmill, sometimes I prefer the bicycle ergometer or the stepper, depending on my daily form. Then I train a maximum of two muscle groups, one small and one large, e.g., B. Chest and biceps, back and triceps, or legs and shoulders.

What food do you get weak from?

With meat – I love it and eat it almost every day. But of course, I can’t do without junk food and eat a lot of it. Since my father is Italian, pizza and pasta are also part of my life, it’s in my genes – there is nothing I can do about it! (laughs)

How do you make the pizza sins good again?

I go for a run. The rule is proven and super simple: eat too much – more endurance training.

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Superfit: Kevin Pabel

Do you exercise every day?

No, about five times a week. When I’m on the road a lot, it can be short units of 30 minutes. It is important to me to properly exercise every muscle at least twice a week.

How is your training plan structured?

I sometimes train with weights (free and on machines), but these have decreased over the years due to a few injuries and more fitness know-how. Correct execution is more important to me. You can achieve a lot with lighter weights. In addition, I do a lot of training with my body weight. Once a week, I have a date with the punching bag for the core muscles, I do a few Pilates exercises, and sometimes I also attend a yoga class. Cardio and stretching are on my program after the workout or on rest days.

Your six-pack secret?

Everyone has to figure this out for themselves, but I do it three to four times a week since I love abs. One of my favorite exercises is the hanging leg raises (on a pull-up bar), but simple crunches or holding exercises are also successful. Of course, nutrition also plays an important role: the body likes to store its fat, especially on the stomach.

But nothing of that can be seen with you

No, because nutrition is just so important. I try to eat protein and vegetables in large quantities and avoid extremely high calories and fat. Beans, broccoli, spinach, or carrots – the range of vegetables is huge. Organic meat is served three to four times a week, preferably chicken, of course. I also try to eat fish at least two or three times a week, mostly salmon. Instead of white pasta, I always choose the whole grain variant.

What snacks do you always have with you when you travel?

Apples, bananas, nuts, wholemeal bread with cottage cheese and protein bars.

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Vegan: Peter Badenhop

Do you follow a certain diet?

I’m not a fan of counting calories and meticulously tracking macronutrients. But I’ve been eating exclusively vegan for about two years now: I have as many fresh, unprocessed foods as possible on my menus, such as fruit, vegetables, and legumes.

How do you keep fit?

At the moment, I’m following a classic 3 split (targeted strength training of different muscle groups on various days) with jogging every other day. I change my workout every few months and sometimes integrate Freeletics or (Bikram) yoga units.

Your best pre-workout snack?

When I have the time, it’s a bowl of fruit, oatmeal, nuts, plant-based milk, and vegan protein powder. Or I mix myself a shake from fruit, green leafy vegetables, water or almond milk, and vegan protein powder.

What if you’re too lazy for all of that?

Then I train right after getting up. Before you start pondering, you’ve already moved.

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