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The Secret Of A Good Figure

Why stress makes our brains hungry, how muscles tyrannize the fat cells, and how it gets really round with the butt. Plus: tips, exercises, and Ayurveda wisdom that really cut a fine figure.

What Is A Good And Healthy Figure?

Attractiveness researchers found that there are characteristics that are attractive to all people regardless of taste. For example, the ratio of waist to hip, in English “waist-to-hip ratio” or WHR. This value is calculated by dividing the waist circumference by the hip circumference. Both the bombshell Marilyn Monroe and the skinny model Twiggy had the same WHR, a value of 0.7.

As far as the healthy figure is concerned, there is also a formula: the famous Body Mass Index (BMI). To calculate that, you divide your weight by your height (in meters) squared. A value between 19 and 24 is the ideal or normal weight. In the slightly elevated area, i.e. two or three points above, there is no medical reason for losing weight. But on the contrary. Many studies have shown that even being slightly overweight seems to have a life-prolonging effect. Only if you are overweight or obese (from a BMI value of 30 upwards) is slimming down absolutely advised to reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

How Can I Improve My Figure?

With regular strength and endurance training, you have a very good chance of a toned body. “The successes do not show up overnight,” says the expert, “but the connective tissue often looks much tighter after just four to six weeks of combined strength and endurance training, since the muscles underneath build up – over the whole Body spread. ” And due to the constant strain, even superfluous love handles gradually melt away.

However, even the best sports program cannot override genetic requirements. Who z. B. has a predisposition to strong thighs, can not simply train them away. The aim is to bring the natural dimensions into the best possible shape, to come to terms with supposed weaknesses.

You can do that: You should spend an hour training three times a week, and you will see results quickly. A mix of endurance and strength exercises is optimal.

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How Do I Notice That My Character Is Changing?

You can do that: In order to be able to see the first successes, it is helpful to keep a training diary from the beginning. Because it says in black and white what you do for your figure every day – a great incentive to persevere! Instead of being guided by kilos or clothing sizes, sports scientist also recommends the “waistband test”: If your favorite pants are looser, the training has definitely paid off. It also makes sense to measure the circumference of your waist, hips, or thighs – even if no pounds have fallen, the dimensions are reduced. All in all, if you do not spend hours in the Hollywood style with a personal trainer every day, you should have a little patience in figure shaping through sport.

To What Extent Is A Good Character Predisposition?

Above all, it is a question of lifestyle. It starts in childhood. During this time, the distribution of muscle and fat cells in the body develops. The more fat deposits were able to form, the harder it is later to lose weight. Because slimming down, fat cells do not disappear, they only empty and are constantly waiting for replenishment. But: it is never too late for the figure of wellbeing. Muscle cells can be built up at any age through exercise, the lurking fat cells can be outwitted by a balanced diet.

You can do that: Unfortunately, the truth is once again merciless: if you want to have a good figure, you have to do something for it. Somehow we always knew that without a little bit of discipline you can’t do it. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, start slowly, and listen to your body. What do you feel like spontaneously? A brisk walk in the cool spring air, working out at the spinning class? Try everything possible. The desire for even more movement comes almost automatically. And stress that seduces you to snack is also reduced.

Does Stress Make You Fat?

A metabolism in the brain that is out of balance due to stress could be to blame. Since our thinking apparatus needs around 20 percent of the total energy, according to Peters, it can happen during periods of stress that the brain continues to demand usable calories even though we already have enough food. That would mean that our head practically forces us to fill up in times of stress through strong appetite impulses.

You can do that: ensure sufficient relaxation even during hectic phases. Ideally through a combination of coping with stress (e.g. with yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, or autogenic training), exercise, and regular healthy meals.

How Do I Keep My Figure Permanently?

With the right mix of balanced nutrition and sport – and in the long term. The best way to integrate movement into your life. It starts in the morning on the way to work, for example, you ride your bike and ends in the evening on your way home to the gym. The older you get, the more important regular exercise and exercise become, otherwise the body gradually loses muscle mass from the third decade of life.

You should also check the diet – the goal is a permanently balanced mix with lots of vegetables and fish, moderate meat, not so many carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, sugar) and little fat. But you shouldn’t forbid anything: nutritionists know that constant restrictions can trigger cravings. Those who occasionally allow themselves chocolate or French fries are less greedy in a weak minute than someone who is constantly banning sweets. Sometimes it’s fun to go crazy. You can iron this out over the next few days by taking more vegetables than potatoes or planning an hour more exercise than usual.

It’s actually quite simple: to keep your weight off, you shouldn’t eat more calories than you consume. If you consume more, you can eat more – and vice versa. Sport and above all endurance training in combination with strength training is a perfect set screw that you can tweak depending on your very personal life situation.

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