10 True/False About Sunburn

Under the umbrella with a little cream, you think you are protected from sunburn. And yet … Even in the shade, your skin is exposed to the sun’s rays says dermatologist, takes stock of these misconceptions related to sunburn that has hard skin.

The Umbrella Protects From Sunburn

TRUE and FALSE – It all depends on the type of umbrella. The basic model, in fine fabric, protects very little, while those in dark anti-UV canvas are effective against ultraviolet rays. “However, beware of UV rays reflected by the sand. Sunscreen, even under the umbrella, is essential, dermatologist. The best protection is to avoid the sun between 12 and 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the most harmful. “

Shade Protects From Sunburn

TRUE and FALSE – Even in the shade of a tree or building, UV rays are reflected from the ground and scattered into the atmosphere. They may be responsible for a slight sunburn. If you choose a nap in the shade, protect yourself with sunscreen, or wear a t-shirt.

Cream Must Be Applied After Each Swim

TRUE – 70% of the sunscreen is diluted in water every time you swim! The dermatologist recommends, for children, a special sunscreen for dry and wet skin and anti-UV t-shirts. “Prefer an anti-UV hat to a cap that protects neither the ears nor the nose,” she points out. Many adult patients come to consult for a melanoma (cancerous tumor) located on the ear… ”.

The rays of the sun which reach our skin are made up of ultraviolet rays, the famous UV rays. A distinction is made between UVB and UVA. UVB, which tans, and UVA, can cause sunburn, aging, and skin cancer.

You Can’t Get A Sunburn Behind A Window

TRUE – The panes do not allow UVB rays, responsible for tanning, to pass through. Only UVA rays reach the skin behind a window. This is not good news, however, because UVA rays are responsible for skin aging, dark spots, and precancerous lesions or skin cancers. “I advise my patients who spend a lot of time behind the wheel to install an anti-UV filter on the window of their vehicle in order to protect themselves on a daily basis”, specifies the dermatologist.

No Sunburn When You Have A Mat or Black Skin

FALSE – Black, matte, or mixed skin can get sunburned. It is advisable to protect them with an index of 30 sunscreen. For children, always favor an index 50, regardless of the color of the skin.

A Sunburn Always Turns Into A Tan

FALSE – “If it is a light sunburn, staying in the shade the next day, the sunburn actually becomes a tanned complexion, “. However, protecting yourself against sunburn is essential, because repeatedly, they can lead to skin cancer.

Getting Sunburned From Time To Time Doesn’t Matter

FALSE – “A sunburn is a burn, a destruction of the skin cells and it is never harmless! “, Hammers the dermatologist. She stresses the importance of protecting the skin of children, including teens. “Shoulders strewn with spots are repeated sunburns during childhood and this represents a risk of tumors on these fragile areas. “

Sunscreen Keeps From Year To Year

TRUE and FALSE – “If the tube has not been opened, the sunscreen is effective as long as the expiration date is valid,” says the dermatologist. On the other hand, if the cream has already been opened last year, it should be discarded because its protection will be little or not effective, especially if the cream has often been left in the beach bag in the sun.

An Index 50 Cream Completely Protects The Skin

TRUE and FALSE – The index 50 is only related to UVB and not to UVA. “It is important to read the information on the type of sun protection against both types of UV,” advises experts. For optimal protection, opt for a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and be generous: “To protect the body of an adult, you would need the quantity of a tennis ball with each application. “

A Sunburn Is Immediately Visible As Soon As The Skin Turns Red

FALSE – Redness does not come immediately. “The first sign of a sunburn is the feeling of warmth. The redness only appears in the evening, when the skin is already burned, ”. Calm this burn with a suitable cream or lotion.

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