10 Tips To Make Your Curls Last All Day

Your hair is mega important in your look and you are looking for advice to have beautiful curly hair?

1. Don’t curl your hair when it’s clean

Don’t be afraid, we don’t advise you to stop washing, just to wait a day or two after shampooing, before arming yourself with your trusty curling iron!

In reality, this tip has more to do with the ingredients of the washing products you use than the very nature of your hair. Many weigh down your hair because of the silicones they contain.

To get a great curl, you can prep your hair right out of the shower. Leaning your head downward, spray all of your hair with a spray rich in sea salt. Scrunch your hair well and let it dry for a natural wave.

2. Choose a curling iron worthy of the name

In order not to damage your beautiful hair that you have taken months to grow, you must not skimp on the quality of the material. Choose a curling iron that won’t dry out your ends or burn out your beautiful lengths.

You should also choose your curling iron based on the style of curls that best suits your hair and your look. Do you see the difference between tight ringlets and wide, natural curls? Well, both are very pretty, but you have to have a clear idea of ​​what you’re expecting.

The diameter of your curling iron will determine the width of your curls, it’s good to know this before buying it.

3. Do you know the styling spray?

We discussed it in the paragraph about curling wet hair. It’s also a great trick to wake up your hair before curling it. In addition to giving your hair texture, the sea salt spray will wave your hair and above all, it will protect it from the heat of the iron.

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4. Hair curlers like granny!

Ho, it’s okay, no need to pout! Hair curlers are back in style and there’s no shame in putting them on your head. These inexpensive little tricks work wonders on the most capricious hair.

Start by modeling your curls with your iron, then wrap them around curlers, the diameter of which you will have chosen according to the result you expect.

Then, forget them and have sweet dreams while waiting to discover your beautiful hair when you wake up. Your curls are drawn, your hair tamed and you’re ready to go!

5. Use foil wrappers (not chocolate)

Are you still sulking about curlers? What do you think of the papillotes? Greedy !

The foil wrappers make it possible to obtain a hyper glamorous result, you know the principle, professional hairdressers use them every day.

In fact, the aluminum will act as a heat conductor by preventing your hair from coming into direct contact with the iron.

Smart no?

The curls made with the twists last longer and the hair suffers less from the high temperature. To curl a strand using this method, roll it on itself and place aluminum foil around it. Then, use your curling iron as usual, insisting a little more, but not overdoing it either.

The curls made with the twists are the most resistant and the most glamorous!

6. Hairspray is the great friend of curls

You nailed your curls perfectly, are you so proud of your wavy, shimmering hair? If you don’t lacquer them, you will quickly be disappointed and your efforts will be wiped out in a few hours!

Lacquer is the base!

It’s a must for keeping curls in great shape all day long. There are also maintenance sprays in specialized shops, it all depends on the desired finish.

7. Braid your hair while it’s still damp

You don’t want to invest in a heating device? It can be heard. Some girls also prefer to space out its use to let their hair rest, and they are right. In addition, there is a solution, free, ecological and fun!

Towel dry your hair, trying not to mess it up too much, because you’ll have to comb it afterwards. If you use a treatment, choose a non-greasy texture instead to avoid filling your hair.

A light hair is a hair ready to fly!

Make braids on your still damp hair, taking into account the same advice: the smaller the braid, the finer and more pronounced the curl will be.

With a larger plait, the wave will be subtle and natural.

8. Say goodbye to your brush (without crying)

The brush is the sworn enemy of curls, on the other hand frizz, she loves it. So unless you want to look like a cute little poodle just out of the groomer, put your brush away and move on!

9. Ask your hairdresser to give you a perm

Ha the professionals, they sure know their job well! So why not trust them?

Make an appointment with your favorite stylist and ask her to transform your flat, heavy hair into a field of light and airy curls. In addition, she will be able to advise you on choosing the thickness of the curls according to the nature of your hair, its length and its resistance to products.

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