Would You Like To Buy A Watch As A Gift? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Does the wristwatch still have a future in the age of omnipresent smartphones? Certainly a stylish accessory for the wrist. You will find a large selection of fashionable watches in the uhrcenter. There you have the opportunity to compare models from different manufacturers and to choose a suitable example to complement your own outfit or as a gift. Here you get an overview of which watches are trendy and currently particularly impressive in terms of quality and design.

The most popular watch brands

Watches with a characteristic design and a high recognition value are in trend. This applies, for example, to the Ozoo, Swatch or Ice-Watch collections. But customers who value more technical aspects will also get their money’s worth. For example, quartz watches from manufacturers such as Seiko and Lorus are in demand. Sporty watch wearers will be interested in the chronographs and digital watches from Casio and G-Shock, which are available in a variety of shapes and colors.

How to choose the right watch as a gift?

Anyone looking for a stylish wrist watch as a gift should not only think about shape, colors and design, but also about materials, movements and brands. The material quality determines the look of the wristwatch, but also its durability and functionality. Light and durable materials are recommended if the watches are also to be worn at work and during sports. In addition, the quality of the material and workmanship of the watch glass is important to ensure that it remains clear and free of scratches. Cases made of hardened stainless steel and polymer plastic are particularly robust. With regard to the watch glasses, mineral glass and sapphire glass are recommended. The technical heart of a wristwatch is the movement. Here you have the choice between mechanical, electronic, battery-operated and electromechanical movements.

Some watches use quartz as a pulse generator. Others rely on a tensioned spring that either has to be tightened manually or is automatically tightened by arm movements of the wearer. With watches that are intended as a valuable gift, you should rely on proven brand quality. The Fossil and Diesel collections offer a particularly large selection of modern and elegant men’s and women’s watches. Fashion labels such as Calvin Klein, Boss and Armani also offer high-quality watch models that provide that certain something in terms of appearance.

How to buy the right size watch?

A fashionably elegant bracelet rounds off the visual appearance of a wristwatch. So that it fits perfectly and comfortably around the wrist, the right bracelet size is important. It should be at least a third larger than the circumference of the wrist. There are tasteful bracelets made of plastic, leather, imitation leather, metal and mesh materials. The color and design of the bracelet should match the case and the outfit of the wearer. In addition to subtle colors such as brown, beige and black, models in bright trend colors are also available.

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