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Color Bath: What Is It, How Is It Done And How Long Does It Last

Do you know what a color bathroom is ? Do you know the differences with a dye? Are you thinking of doing a color bath in your hairdressing salon ? In today’s post we give you all the keys about color baths and their advantages over traditional dyes.

Color bath vs. traditional dyes

Many times we consider dyeing our hair but we prefer not to have to resort to a dye of all life. It is at that moment when we think about the possibility of applying color baths. But are they really effective? How long does this type of coloring last? Do they cover gray hair? Let’s go with the answers!

Color bath with tint and shades

The first thing you should know is that a color bath is a type of dye that does not contain ammonia . That is the main difference with most traditional dyes. Hence, they are more careful with the hair and, at the same time, they are perfect to add more shine to your hair and fill it with vibrant reflections.

As for the shades of a color bath , the results we get are slightly different. With a coloring bath we will obtain some subtle tones, and if anything we will reach a maximum of one more or one less tone with respect to our color. On the other hand, with the dye we can achieve a more radical change.

What is it for

The color bath serves as a temporary solution to give your hair a new look. Unlike dyes, it acts in a simpler way, depositing a film that highlights your natural color , giving the color more brightness and intensity.

Therefore, if you are thinking of doing a color bathroom, you should know that the difference between before and after will depend on various factors. But, especially, of your color base. For example, in the case of gray hair , a bath of color could cover you around 30% without the guarantee that that coverage will be maintained with washing. On the other hand, in the case of dyes, being permanent, we will be able to obtain total coverage of gray hair .

A recurring question at this point is, how long does a color bath last? Normally, it lasts up to 8 washes , so the key will be in the frequency with which you wash your hair and the products you use afterwards. Remember that at Tahe we have specialized products for dyed hair that can help you prolong the color and enhance the hair’s shine and softness.

Being a tone- on-tone coloration , it fades with washing and, for this reason, a color bath lasts less than classic dyes .

Types of colored bathroom

If they do not serve to cover 100% gray hair, for whom are color baths recommended? For example, for those people who want to revive the color of the highlights in their hair or their highlights, whether they are balayage or babylights .

They are also recommended for hair that has not been previously dyed, but in our case we have Ionic Tahe direct pigmentation , which acts on chemically processed hair, that is, with dye, tone/tone, highlights, bleaching, permanent, contrast color , super-lightening and straightening.

Black color bath

If you’re looking to darken your natural hair, semi-permanent color dips work perfectly. They offer optimal coverage of gray hair and, in addition, they will give you bright and vibrant reflections to recreate the richness of a natural color.

Bath in blonde color

Now that we know that this type of coloring does not damage the hair, you may be thinking of doing a blonde color bath . In this case, it will be ideal if we have an already blonde base, since – let’s remember – color baths only serve to illuminate or strengthen the tone of your hair. In short: the color bath only tones .

One example is Lumière Soft , Tahe’s post-color hair color, perfect for toning, reviving and illuminating sensitized blonde hair. Of course, it is a product for professional use whose application we always recommend in the hands of a specialist. Here we leave you different types of blonde and which one to choose according to your skin type .

Color bath in your hairdressing salon

As we always indicate, the most recommended technique of this style is to go to your trusted hairdresser or specialized beauty salon . Professionals will recommend the best technique for your hair and the shades that best suit you . Keep in mind that a professional masters basic aspects of your physiognomy such as the color of your eyes, skin or your own features to know what your ideal tone is. So now you know: color baths are completely safe and easy to apply if you put yourself in the hands of a specialist.

Conclusions about colored bathrooms

As you have seen, a color bath can be an unbeatable option if you are looking to give your hair a new look but without the need to dye it. The most important thing is that they do not contain ammonia and are deposited in the outer layer of the hair (without altering its internal structure).

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