Trends That Look Good On Instagram But Not In Real Life

Nowadays, it is common that in addition to real life, we also live Instagram life. We look like we’re having a lot more fun on Instagram than we actually are, and our morning avocado toast is tastier than anything else.

Some things seem made only for filtered shots, not for a normal day. It probably concerns clothes the most. There are pieces that we love in photos, but when we dare to wear them for real, they leave us unable to, for example, raise our arms, stand up straight, or perform any movement other than posing and smiling for the camera. Here are some such trends:

A scarf tied as a top

A scarf wrapped around a naked body seems great for hot summer days. But try wearing it in public. Just a movement, a loosely pulled knot, and you can reveal more than you intended.

Corset as a top

I’ll admit, Kim K. looks really good on the cover of the latest Vogue Australia, with a corset pulled up over a loose T-shirt. If you’re not Kim K., you’d get more surprised looks than applause in the streets with such an outfit.

Off-the-shoulder top

Another summer look that is popular among fashion bloggers. But if you don’t plan to keep your arms outstretched along your body all the time, it will slip off your shoulders at the slightest movement.

Bell sleeves

Exaggeratedly long sleeves that flare downwards create the right summer hippie feel. I forgot to mention that only on Instagram photos. Most of us would look like we were wearing a theater costume in them.

Mini denim shorts

While short shorts are a hit on Instagram, they’re actually way too revealing.

Denim overall

Or even suspender pants. Their wearer looks carefree and chic in the photos. But for others, they may evoke childhood times in the sandbox.

Complicated dress

Preferably ones that look like they’re only held together by a few strings. They look beautiful, but like the trends mentioned above, you have to be constantly on the lookout to see if they are revealing what they don’t have.

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