Tips And Tips For A Longer Lasting Gel Manicure

Your manicure talks a lot about you. And it is important to show impeccable hands all year round. Surely sometimes you are lazy to paint your nails because they take too long and you think that the color will go away quickly. But that’s because you don’t know the tricks for showing off a long-lasting manicure. Do you think it is complicated? You just have to follow these simple tips.

Do You Want Your Manicure To Be More Durable?

We help you to make your gel manicure look the same as the first day:

1. Eliminate Residues And Residues Of Your Nails

The first step to make your painted nails look perfect and more durable is to show clean and residue-free nails. Use nail polish remover and always wash your hands with soap and water to prepare them.

2. Hydrates And Lime

Now, file your nails. Try to show a natural nail shape and of course, remove the spikes. If your nails are not well filed, it will be easy for you to snag and break them – goodbye to the perfect manicure!

Then hydrate your nails. Ideally, use a special moisturizing oil or cream for nails and cuticles.

3. Put Your Gel Nails

If you want to show off lasting nails without breaking your nail, opt for the gel. They are an acrylic material that adheres to the original nail with a little glue. It adapts perfectly to the shape of the nail, it can be filed, cut, and enameled as you like. And they last a long time.

4. Paint Your Nails

Use a primer to keep your gel nails shiny and intact for longer. Then, paint your nails carefully . Apply the enamel first in the center of the nail, starting at the base and up to the tip and then paint the sides. Apply two layers of SuperStay 7 days to increase the intensity of your color.

5. Apply Top Coat

When your enamel is dry, apply a Top Coat as the last layer, this way you will be able to protect the color from wear and will prevent the enamel from scratching. You can use a transparent or fun Top Coats with glitter, glitter, matte.

6. Drying

It is very important that your nails dry perfectly so that the manicure remains intact.

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