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These Are The Foods That Stop Heartburn

It may be common for some foods as well as some foods to cause burning in the stomach, some also know this symptom by the name of heartburn. For this there are a wide variety of drugs, which relieve burning in the stomach.

There are also foods that help relieve heartburn, without having to take drugs, more natural, cheaper and many of them you can have in your fridge or in your pantry. Below we will indicate some of them. As always, we recommend going to a specialist doctor if you frequently have heartburn, you may be suffering from gastritis.


Yogurt is a dairy derivative with innumerable benefits for our body, many people include it in their daily diet. You can easily buy it in any supermarket and it is also very easy to make at home.

One of the properties that yogurt has is that it immediately controls the acids that affect the stomach producing an unpleasant burning sensation and eliminates them almost immediately, so the heartburn will disappear in a short time. It will also help recover the intestinal or bacterial flora.


Another food that many will surely have in their pantry is oatmeal , a food that is used to help improve various pathologies. One of the components of this cereal is mucilage, which is responsible for softening the gastric mucosa, thus eliminating stomach acids.

To relieve heartburn: Two tablespoons of oatmeal over very hot water, let it cook without boiling for 10 minutes. Wait for it to rest and take it with a touch of honey or some sugar. You can also blend 1 cup of instant oatmeal in two cups of cold milk, sweeten and drink it cold. You will see how improvements

Ripe Banana

Consuming ripe banana controls and relieves heartburn or heartburn, contains a good amount of fiber and speeds up the digestive process, so you will notice improvement in a short time.

Its high level of potassium quickly counteracts gastric PH levels, protecting the intestinal and stomach walls. It is quickly digested which activates the entire digestive system favorably.


Another fruit that we should consume daily is the apple, with various components that help control many processes in our body. You can eat it like any fruit or you can also take it in juice, in both forms it helps to lower stomach acidity.

Among its components is pectin, this is a substance that acts as a firefighter in a fire, in this case it controls the fire produced in the gastric mucosa, caused by irritating foods. With another virtue it is a very tasty fruit.


If you are only used to consuming carrots in salads or as an accompaniment to any stew, you are unaware of many of its properties, one of which is controlling heartburn.

The carrot is equipped with an antioxidant called Beta-Carotene, the predecessor of vitamin “A”, which is responsible for eliminating all free radicals from the stomach. Just cut a piece of carrot, chew it well and swallow all the liquid you can extract and you will see a rapid improvement. You can also make juice with raw carrots.

Milky or Papaya

Another fruit with an extraordinary flavor, which we frequently consume in pieces, in juices or in meringues. Also with vitamins and minerals that help control much of the digestive system. The great contribution of vitamins and minerals help control gastritis, it also speeds up the digestive process, helping to maintain excellent digestion.

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