Highlighter: These 3 Beauty Tips Will Make You Immediately Younger

A touch of gloss powder on your cheeks, and we look great straight away. But the beauty all-rounder can do a lot more – these three beauty tips with highlighters will make you younger immediately!

Highlighter: Look younger thanks to the play of light

A nice beauty rule: the more light and shadow we create, the fresher the look. It is clever here to emphasize the areas in our face that are caressed by the light (keyword: sun terraces) with the shimmering powder. So we apply this to the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and chin. Ideally, we use a fan brush to prevent an overdose and only release a touch of product. And that’s especially important because too much highlighter can quickly look unnatural.

An alternative to powder is liquid variants in a pipette bottle. We can use it to polish up the foundation and cream drop by drop. Mix on the back of your hand, then apply – that immediately gives a tired gray veil the hello-wake kick that lasts all day. Was it too much of a good thing? No problem: Top with transparent powder, and the holographic finish is softened.

These three beauty tips with highlighters will make you younger

A highlighter on the eyelids opens the view

But the flattering miracle even helps with tired eyes. It almost conjures up drooping eyelids or dark shadows. Particularly suitable for this: the practical pens. The movable lid hides wrinkles and tired skin better than any glitter eyeshadow (be careful, use a primer here too). If we paint some of it on the concealer under the eye, the charm effect is enhanced.

This is how a highlighter creates a beautiful cleavage

When it comes to styling, we must always think of the neck and chest area. After all, the cut-out floral dress should work! This, of course, includes that we apply a layer of face powder or a little blush every time. And so highlighter creates some great highlights chin down. Either you brush the shiny particles over everything with an extra-large powder brush, or you can also use the liquid variant here, which you mix into the sunscreen, for example.

Highlighters also make the body shine

Especially in outfits that show more skin on the arms and legs, it looks great when we dust our forearms or shins with shine. There are body lotions for this, which are already enriched with shimmer particles. Even light skin immediately looks summer-fresh and healthier.

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