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The New Trend: Face Yoga

The Yoga Face is a holistic discipline, allowing us to establish the well-being and relaxation in our body and mind while giving you the opportunity to correct some possible problems.

Discovering Facial Yoga, a beauty and natural health ally!

“Ha” means sun and “tha” means moon. Hatha Yoga is therefore the union of two polarities, Yin and Yang, that we all have within us! It is yoga that is part of the Indian and Asian traditions. From the 19th century, this oldest form of Yoga gradually spread outside India. Today there are over 250 million practitioners around the world enjoying its benefits!

1. Facial Yoga, your new natural health friend!

The lymphatic drainage: Widely set aside for decades, it is now considered to be one of the best health allies. You can practice it yourself with a soft and light touch, or in specialized SPAs. Lymph is, like blood circulation, essential to our immune system. Its upward circulation is produced by circular movements, muscle contractions, and the respiratory system. It filters the accumulated waste, such as pollution residue via the lymph nodes, which you probably know: at the slightest sore throat, our lymph nodes located under our neck swell with white blood cells and can be very painful. The Yoga Facetends to practice weekly lymphatic drainage, so as not to cause retention of lymphs, for example under the eyes, which would cause bags and dark circles, by small massages allowing good lymphatic circulation in our body.

Relax your body through the practice of Facial Yoga: Facial Yoga also deals with the body as a whole, because as Hatha Yoga advocates: it is necessary to connect the body and the mind in a state of beneficence: ” a healthy mind in a healthy body ! “. In addition to the alternate deep breathing exercises, you will learn how to restore good blood circulation in your body, to allow it to reveal the energy that lies dormant in it. Nothing could be simpler: small taps from the bottom to the top, with the fingers, one leg after the other, and you will go up to the collarbones where one of the most important energy points is located to stimulate your body and establish relaxation.

2. Facial gymnastics to eliminate your physical complexes

There are many complexes that we accumulate in our society, which are already stressful enough for our body.

For example, it can be the “bar code” effect above the upper lip, an eyebrow asymmetry weighing on the delicate features of our facial features, dark circles, and bags under the eyes, engorgement. unsightly double chin … but also and above all, the signs of old age.

From the age of thirty, our skin produces collagen in less quantity and of lesser quality, promoting the appearance of fine lines first, then wrinkles, when they are well embedded in the epidermis.

By regularly practicing Facial Yoga, particularly facial gymnastics and self-massages, fifteen minutes a day for correction, and fifteen minutes a day four times a week for prevention, when the signs of old age are not yet too visible, you will learn to smooth your folds.

For that, nothing could be simpler: with vegetable oil to soften the circular self-massage movements that you will practice after the muscular toning of the facial muscles, you will slightly pinch your wrinkle all along to restore blood circulation, then, always using your fingers, you will move it aside in its perpendicular direction five times a day to allow the material to take its place!

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