The 6 Most Common Mistakes You Make When Taking Care Of Your Skin

Skin care (or the popular name skincare) is not easy at all. We all have different skin. Oily, combined, sensitive or dry. The condition of our skin also changes based on our hormones, our sleep patterns, lifestyle and many other factors. All this affects whether we have more acne, whether our skin is red or dehydrated.

Some mistakes in our skin care are usually so small and insignificant that we don’t pay much attention to them. But these little things are incredibly important for the quality of our skin and we should not overlook them. So let’s take a look at what they are.

Using cosmetics with alcohol

Maybe you didn’t even know it, but alcohol is found in most skin care products. It is added to make your skin look smooth and without oil. However, the truth is that alcohol only dries out the skin, and if you use products with alcohol for a long time, your skin will age faster and be more prone to wrinkles.

Not removing make-up

Probably the biggest sin in skin care. Not wearing make-up clogs the pores, which increases the formation of acne and can also dry out the skin. That is why it is important to remove your make-up every day, but also make sure that you always remove your make-up thoroughly and correctly.

Most of us remove our make-up only with make-up wipes, but that’s not enough. Double cleansing is the most effective – first we remove make-up with cleansing oil or micellar water and then with cleansing gel. This way you can be sure that you will go to bed with perfectly clean skin.

You forget about the neck and cleavage

We usually forget about these parts, but they are just as important. Just like your face, you should always clean your neck and décolleté and then apply serum and cream on them.

Not using SPF

Many skin experts agree that using SPF, or sunscreen , is the most important part of skin care. The sun is our biggest enemy, it can cause various skin problems such as redness, pigment spots or wrinkles. If you want to avoid all these inconveniences, it is important that you apply SPF to your face regularly, preferably every day.

You don’t clean your cell phone

Our phones are almost attached to our bodies, but did you know that they are also a perfect magnet for bacteria? Not only do we touch it many times with dirty hands, but we also put it next to our face. Dirt from your hands, but also sebum, make-up residues and other impurities get on the display.

Too many peels

Peels are great for removing dead skin, but they can also make a real mess on our skin. By frequently using peelings and various scrubs, you disrupt the skin barrier, which literally destroys collagen and weakens the skin’s elasticity. This means premature aging of the skin, but also hyperpigmentation. Instead of mechanical (sugar) peelings, you should go for chemical ones, for example with AHA and BHA acids.

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