How To Care For Your Skin – Keep It Fresh Like When You Were Young

Skin care is very important for its future appearance. However, it is not only about the right cosmetics for the face and skin of the body, but also about protection and internal nutrition. Since it’s a discipline that women (and men) of all ages fail at, we’re going to teach you how to do it right.

Even the world’s leading figures in history knew that the face we have in our youth means nothing. Only time will reveal what kind of people we are and what our qualities are. Neglected skin care is not visible in your twenties, but in your forties or even in your fifties, every little transgression will show.

Many women consider daily skin care unnecessary. Many of us also have no idea what products to use . (And that in terms of skin type and age.) If we add to that a low-quality diet without vitamins and beautifying herbs, it is quite likely that one day you will sprinkle ashes on your head due to your carelessness. Alternatively, you will be looking for a reliable beautician or aesthetic surgeon.

Principles of proper skin care

Caring for young or aging skin requires something completely different. But some things don’t change. It doesn’t matter how many candles you had on your last cake. One of the first and relatively frequent transgressions (especially among younger girls and women) is the absence of makeup removal . In addition to smearing the pad, unremoved mascara and makeup leads to clogged pores or even more loss of eyelashes. Therefore, always remove all make-up before going to bed. Today, with two-phase products that can handle waterproof makeup or soft, reusable gloves, invest in yourself for five minutes and get rid of everything.

Another minus, which is common for many women, is the complete omission of day and night cream , which should be used every day. Without it, you open the door to wrinkles and other problems (like smog and sun damage).

The most common mistakes in skin care

If you think that was the ultimate list of all hells, you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are other things that trouble our skin, and often we don’t even know about it.

Misdemeanors certainly include:

  • Using inappropriate cosmetic care (instead of a cream for dry skin, we use a cream for oily and acne-prone skin, etc.)
  • Insufficient hydration
  • Little or no sun protection
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Lack of sleep
  • Poorly chosen diet

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How to take care of the skin?

Let’s summarize a bit. One of the first principles of proper skin care is regular peeling and the use of the correct day and night cream. Regardless of the season, use creams with a UV factor (in winter, a lower one, for example SPF 15, in summer at least SPF 30). Drink a lot of water and take enough vitamins , minerals and trace elements. Don’t be afraid of herbs either.

Vitamin C, vitamin B complex (especially biotin), vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin K benefit your skin. Herbs recommended for the skin include horsetail , nettle , chamomile (sooths sun irritation), cinnamon, green tea, turmeric, and red clover. You can enjoy these ingredients either separately or in the form of multi-component supplements, which also have a positive effect on the normal appearance of nails and hair .

Care for problematic skin

Many women struggle with problematic skin prone to acne, blackheads and cysts. Which is not only very unaesthetic, but also dangerous. When inflammation occurs, it can be very painful. It can also cause a very serious infection. What can be done with it?

First, make sure you’re using the right type of cosmetics . It should be clearly intended for problematic skin. Compared to other women, it is quite likely that you will not find one that suits you in a drugstore, but rather in a pharmacy. It is also important to clean your skin regularly . And twice a day. Ideal with alcohol-free products. In order to avoid difficulties, you can visit cosmetics regularly and use zinc ointment. Skin preparations containing sulfur and salicylic acid are also suitable . Definitely don’t squeeze your pimples!

Dry skin care

Dry skin can bother you for many different reasons. One of the main causes is genetics, which causes the skin to be permanently less hydrated. However, it can also be a result of atopy or eczema.

First of all, it is important to know the reason why your skin is flaky and irritated. If it lacks moisture, you can help yourself. However, if it is a skin disease, it is best to consult a dermatologist , who will diagnose and prescribe treatment. It can be corticosteroids, but they can also recommend natural skin care. (These are usually cosmetic brands that have hypoallergenic natural cosmetics.)

Compared to women with problematic skin, choose products for dry and sensitive skin. The best ones do not contain alcohol or regular soap . At the same time, take care to protect your skin from the sun and to constantly supply suitable liquids, for example herbal tea or water. Be careful to avoid over-exfoliation. Use only those that contain fiber abrasive particles and apply them no more than once a week.

Care for mature skin

Finally, let’s look together at the specifics of caring for mature skin. First of all, it is important to know that with increasing age, collagen decreases and elastin fibers weaken, which maintain the shape of our contours. Therefore, choose nutritious products that contain collagen , vitamin C (supports collagen production, rejuvenates and is also an antioxidant) and coenzyme Q10 . However, you can also reach for serums that contain peptides and hyaluronic acid . (There’s even modern snail slime in Asia.)

These substances will ensure that the skin wears out less. It’s also important to make sure you’re using a thorough makeup remover and SPF creams . If you are still not completely satisfied with the condition of your skin, try facial yoga or facial massage . (There are tons of tutorials online, so you can do them everyday at home.)

If the damage from the past is very large or you don’t want to put up with the fact that no one is getting younger, you can try minimally invasive methods of aesthetic medicine , such as laser or hyaluronic acid injections. Compared to botox, it is natural for our body. So you don’t have to worry about deformations or reduced sensitivity of the face. (On the other hand, it absorbs over time, so you need to repeat this process.)

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