The 5 Best Sandbag Exercises to do at Home

In contrast to dumbbells with their ergonomically shaped handles, the (training) resistances we deal with in everyday life are usually not that easy to grip and lift. When we carry the shopping bags up to the fourth floor or heave our travel bag onto the luggage rack on the train, we clearly feel the difference to the barbell bar . In everyday life, objects are often unwieldy, cannot be grasped with both hands and have a center of gravity that is not exactly under the handle.

A training device that challenges us with exactly the properties of an everyday object is the sandbag. The sandbag is not ergonomic, but rather unwieldy. When you move the sandbag, the sand inside moves, causing the center of gravity to constantly change slightly. This means we have to constantly re-stabilize the training weight. For these reasons, training with the sandbag can be transferred so well to everyday situations and the requirements of various sports.

Here you will find the 5 best sandbag exercises for your full-body sandbag workout at home.

The 5 best sandbag exercises

Sandbag Squats – 8-10 Wdh

Place your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. The tips of the feet point slightly outwards. Hold the sandbag as close to your body as possible. Firm your core and lower your body downwards slowly and in a controlled manner. The following applies: butt out! Alternatively, you can place the sandbag behind your neck like a barbell.

Sandbag Good Mornings – 8-10 Wdh

Place the sandbag on your shoulders behind your head. Actively pulls the shoulder blades back and down. Firm your core and move your head toward the floor by bending your body at the hips.

Sandbag Shoulder Press – 8-10 Wdh

Hold the sandbag in front of your upper body. Firm your core and push the sandbag upwards until your arms are almost completely stretched.

Sandbag Row – 8-10 Wdh

Hold the sandbag just above the ground with your arms almost straight. The core of your body is firm when you pull your elbows up close to your body until your hands touch your torso.

Sandbag Lunges – 16-20 reps (8-10 per leg)

The sandbag is held above the head with stretched arms. The core muscles are always slightly tense throughout the entire exercise. Now lunge forward slowly and in a controlled manner and lower your body weight downwards until your back knee almost touches the floor. Now step back to place your foot next to your back foot.

Sandbag workout game rules:

You can complete these exercises in the form of circuit training. You do one set per exercise and, if necessary, per side and then start the next round. You should end up with 3-5 passes of the circle. The rest time between each set should be 60 to 120 seconds. Since you work with the same training weight for all exercises, you may have to adjust the number of repetitions per exercise slightly. One way to change the training weight during a sandbag workout is to fill the sandbag with small sandbags and vary the number of packets in the sandbag between exercises.

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