No Time To Go To The Gym? Do Your Exercises At Home

No time for trips to the gym? No need to have a subscription to burn calories. At home, with good advice and very little equipment, it is also possible to lose weight or strengthen your muscles.

Working out at home isn’t just for the lazy. With little equipment and a little motivation, it is possible to train from your living room or terrace with a good home training program. You can engage in abs, sheathing, push-ups, cardiovascular exercises, squats and leg lifts and lunges. Goodbye subscription card used once every two months and hello savings. More trips to the gym and around thirty euros of subscription saved each month.

It is also a time saver. This is the way to train everywhere and all the time, and drastically reducing the duration of transport. But exercising at home also has its downsides. For example, at home, more coaches and more state-of-the-art, super high-tech machines.

Stretching exercises

Stretching stretches and prepares the muscles of the body for physical activity. This helps reduce muscle soreness and risk of injury. We work the pectorals, back muscles, abs, calves, quadriceps… For effective stretching, you have to contract the muscle in a static position for 10 seconds, then relax it for 5 seconds, and contract it again for 10 seconds.

Cardio exercises

Working on your cardio is essential when you play sports, but you don’t need to devote an hour to it. At home, after a stretching session to properly prepare the body, you can start a circuit. We start with 30 seconds of knee raises, then 30 seconds of push-ups, 30 seconds of burpees, also 30 seconds of jumping jacks, and 1 minute of plank. And we end up with 30 seconds of mountain climber, jump squat, crunches, jump rope and finally iceman. Without forgetting again a stretching session to avoid aches the next day.

Strength exercises

You don’t need to be fully equipped to do strength training at home. Here too, first of all, we warm up the muscles well to avoid any risk of injury. For example with the help of a wall, one can make the chair, which muscles the quadriceps. Or the plank for the abdominals. Using a chair, you can do dips to strengthen your triceps. A little imagination and you’re done.

Do not forget a good stretching session after bodybuilding. Finally, for muscle building, it can be useful to take mineral and trace element supplements and to accelerate weight loss, opt for fat burners.

There you go, no more excuses to get into the sport!

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