Terms You Need To Know If You Have Started Dating Online

In the digital age, seduction seems to be within everyone’s reach and relationships easy to form. But this implies mastery of a new language! According to a study carried out by TNS for Ourtime a long time ago, a dating application for people over 50 years of age.

The term sexting is the most heard among the ‘Silver’ generation. However, this word, which gives its name to all those who are fans of having “racy” conversations by text message; only 12% of singles knew her until recently. The second best-known word is ghosting, despite the fact that only 2% of singles over 50 years of age know that it is inspired by the English word ghost (which means ghost) and that it literally consists of disappearing and stopping talk to the person with whom we potentially had something, from one day to the next and without warning.

These data show the little knowledge that older singles have about the terminology used to name situations that they have probably faced at some time, especially if they use dating applications. But it is not just something that affects the elderly: more and more words have been coined to define sentimental relationships -and sexual- and the things that happen in them, so many that there are many that escape even the generation of millennials , who are more up-to-date, who know more English and who use dating apps like Tinder, Grinder or Happn more frequently.

Cushioning, Kitten Fishing, Breadcrumbing, Netflix and chill… have you heard or used these expressions at some point in your life? This is what some of the terms that are used when flirting mean now, in the age of the internet and in the midst of a pandemic. This is the decalogue “dating” that you have to know yes or yes to be up to date. aim!

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The acclaimed smoke bomb comes to us in the form of a ghost. Ghosting is when someone ghosts and disappears. But it really disappears. He doesn’t answer your messages, he doesn’t show signs of life… At first you think he’s in the hospital, his cell phone’s been stolen, you even begin to put on movies worthy of Sylvester Stalone in your mind so as not to accept that he’s just passing by. you.


Nothing is forever, not even ghosting . Hence the question mark in the ‘never’. Zombing qualifies that individual who, after passing by you, rises from the dead and leaves you a very casual message like : Hello beautiful, how are you? The funniest thing of all? That you don’t even remember what really happened because a long time has passed since the aliens abducted him.

Scuba diving

From the creators of the two previous terms comes…those that appear out of nowhere, like a submarine after a long time submerged in the deep sea. This subject in question did perform ghosting like a master , unlike the beloved zombies. Your feelings towards that person are changing and you wonder why now? Nobody knows for sure. That everyone comes back is a universal truth.


Metaphorically it means throwing breadcrumbs. We call breadcrumbing the action of leaving breadcrumbs in the form of illusions. That is, when someone writes to you enough to seem interested in you, but when it comes time to meet, you never meet.


When someone openly ignores a question asked via text (example: “When are we meeting again?”) and talks about a totally different topic to avoid answering what you asked first. Change the subject, come on.


Literally putting someone on the sidelines. It alludes to the people we leave in that place and pay attention when there are no better options.


Or what is the same as a remember (reminder). It comes when you don’t expect it. You already made your life, you have forgotten that person and, bang! reappears with a like or a message on any other social network.


From the term breeze, which means breeze. It has to do with taking things easy, doing what you want without expecting anything from the other person. If he writes to you, fine if not then too.

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