Straight From The Catwalk: The 5 Most Exciting Beauty Trends For 2021

The beauty trends for 2021 are anything but run-of-the-mill. We show the most exciting looks and stylings straight from the catwalk!

The year 2021 also has a lot to offer when it comes to beauty. Whether bright color, gloomy looks or unique looks. We’ll show you the five most exciting beauty trends of this year, which you can bring home straight from the catwalk!

Trend 1: Smoky Eye Makeup

This year it should be sexy, dark, and above all black around the eye area. Whether eyeliner, kohl, and dark eyeshadow – smoky make-up will be the eye-catcher in the beauty world in 2021. Because you can enjoy it without hesitation despite the mask and also implement it very easily. Just grab one of the products mentioned – pitch black of course – and apply it to your eyelid or under the lower waterline. It doesn’t even have to be particularly neat, because the smokier the better!

Trend 2: Eyebrow Cuts

This 90s trend is now experiencing one of the most unexpected comebacks ever: eyebrow cuts. The look is given a little punk rock touch by shaving one or more small gaps in the eyebrow. However, the trend is not only popular on the runway. Many also wear the unique look on TikTok.

Trend 3: Bright Lipsticks

In contrast to eye make-up, it is best to use bright colors for lip color this year. Above all, dynamic and bright red and pink tones dominate the designers’ catwalks and ensure expressive looks. With this pop of color, every boring outfit can be upgraded and made unique immediately. So this year the motto is the courage to use color!

Trend 4: Expressive Hair Colors

Even with hairstyles, 08/15 hair colors like blonde, brown, red, and black are history. Manes in unique colors such as crystal blue and turquoise green provide more color on the runway. Definitely, a statement that not everyone will wear in everyday life, but a real eye-catcher especially in summer. If you still want to try the look from time to time, there are washable hair colors or sprays in every drugstore.

Trend 5: 90s Haircuts

The next trend, in particular, is playing our cards now: haircuts from the 90s. And there is a very simple reason for that! The short, angular, and fringe-like looks should look a bit like self-cut. Now that all hairdressers are available, that sounds like the perfect trend – doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for, grab your scissors and lend a hand yourself? You are now completely in trend!

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