Sirt: The Diet Of The Thinness Gene

Some past research has highlighted how physical activity and calorie restriction allow us to activate some genes present in our body: the sirt precisely. Normally present in chromosomes, they have the task of deciding which genes should be activated and which not, as well as repairing the DNA if necessary. Sirt genes normally activate when we don’t eat enough or exercise, but more recent research has shown that some foods are capable of causing the same type of reaction, without having to undergo any sacrifice whatsoever (physical or food).

Twenty foods that can accelerate weight loss

So what are these lean gene foods? Those who would be able to make fun of the sirtuins, allowing a quick weight loss (remember: 3.5 kilos in just 7 days)? There are 20 in all, so the variety is not much, and they certainly do not allow to guarantee a varied diet:extra virgin olive oil, parsley, celery, kale, strawberries, rocket, buckwheat, red chicory, walnuts, soy, tofu, turmeric, Medjoul dates, blueberries, passion fruit, walnuts, cocoa, capers, green tea and finally a drink , Red wine. Twenty in all then, and during the first week will have to be enough for you. The regime imposed by this type of regime, in fact, provides for the intake, in the first 7 days, of only 1000 calories, and includes a single meal based on sirt foods and green juices.

We do not want to dwell on the various phases now, explained in detail in the book by the two American nutritionists, but just think that the first foods that can be considered really solid can be taken starting from the second week, three in all: the first based on king prawns with buckwheat, the second with turkey, couscous and cauliflower, the third with chicken, kale and red onion. Icing: during the day you can indulge in eating up to 20 grams of dark chocolate (85%), corresponding, more or less, to about 4 cubes.

That’s all? No, because in addition to stimulating the consumption of fats and the consequent weight loss, this dietary regime would also be able to increase muscle mass: what would ensue, therefore, would be very positive, at least from a purely aesthetic point of view. Usually, in fact, all diets that provide for a very low calorie intake have as consequences the effect of emptying the body, lacking properly developed muscles.

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